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My research has again brought me to a sight that can make me productive. is the site I’m referring to. I know, as you read through this, at the back of your head you would ask this question- “is that safe?” My answer is a big YES.

I would assume, you have checked that sight and have convinced yourself to give it a try.

What about Mylot?

To earn money through your Mylot account, you can post discussions. The cool thing about posting topics for discussion is that it doesn’t matte what topic you post. Just last night, I posted a topic entitled “Pants or skirt?” I just wanted to know if ladies nowadays prefer pants or skirt. (silly question) To my surprise, after a few minutes, I had a lot of members responding to my post. The more people responding to your post, more money of course.

Inviting friends is another way to earn from this site. For your invited friends, you can earn 25% of what they earn.

Third way to earn from Mylot is through the tasks lined up. Don’t worry, this tab is very visible. My task is a page where you will find assignments that are easy to do and there is a corresponding amount if you wish to accept it.

The best part of being a member of Mylot is the atmosphere once your in the site. If you spend almost half of your day checking your facebook, myspace, or friendster account, without being paid, why not try creating discussions and reading others’ too while earning extra bucks to buy you new stuff?

I am ip5217 by the way. Once you have an account, don’t forget to add me as your friend!


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