Kanye West Has Hit on Every Single Theme of The Establishment, Now How is This Supposed to be Different?

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I used to have a lot of respect for Kanye West back in the day.  A bourgeois negro was reaching across the aisle and showing left out, disenfranchised African-Americans a better way.  Pointing them towards the light.  If anything, a middle class conscious artist, instead of a poor one.  But he has lost me on his latest project.  A provocateur, but what is he really getting at?  Is it an interpretation of the same themes, or does he really believe in these values which are contradictory to everything that could really help us and uplift us as African-American.  Look at the themes in context.

White Women

If he isn’t worshiping White women on his album covers or in his videos he is carrying out violence against them.  You could say that it is a critique of the demented relationship and sexual tension that White women and Black men have with each other.  It is always ballerinas, “Black Swan” like characters who are elevated through high art, desirable because of what they represent on an artistic and intellectual level.  He needs White women that are on his level artistically and intellectually, so he cannot be with just any White women.  At the same time he despises these women because he has to exalt himself in their presence and there is the self loathing, yet self-aggrandizement of himself, you know, because that is what a n&gger that believes in himself that much does.  The incident with Taylor Swift shows how art imitates life; he hates the adoration of Taylor Swift, which is pure and White like snow, all American, innocent and chaste (she just wants the boy on the football team to like her) so he exalts a Black woman whose claim to fame is selling us onto schizophrenic behavior (multiple personalities, being controlled by the same vices that define her in order to exalt herself, but can always go back to being a good girl around the way, all a slick context for spiritual and demonic possession).  Everyone was paying attention to the audacity and nerve of this n&gger to attack an innocent White woman in this way, no one was paying attention to the context of what transpired and how he was setting you up for what was going to come out on his next album.  So he hates the women for the same reasons that he loves them.  The violence is a representation of how these relationships go wrong on so many levels.

Fallen Angles

In order to elevate yourself beyond the mediocrity of being human you have to take advantage of the opportunities to have relations with supernatural beings, spiritual deities, and aliens whenever possible.  Knowledge is not enough for Kanye West; he has bitten off of the tree of evil and wants to be on the same level as God.  So the spirit of the Anti-Christ has taken over and he makes a way for the fallen so that he can create an army.  That is why he attends the rally where the head of Michael Jackson is carried through the crowd, worshiped and adored.  He wants the same influence that Michael Jackson had with his fans, he wants to be table to take them to those same places.  Listening to Michael Jackson, attending his concerts and watching his videos, was more than just music, it was about a heavenly experience.  Kanye West wants to be able to connect with his fans on that deep, profound level.


If you weren’t listening Kanye West addressed the hypocrisy of diamonds a long time ago.  Light skinned women are the new “ice”, the new “bling”, that Black men are caught up with in the last days, conveniently ignoring the fact that they are in the New World Order and they have been programmed to like light skinned women; everyone is a slave.  It is all so 1985; instead of selling us onto trans-humanism, like everyone else is doing, Kanye West is taking it to an entirely new level.  Look for the answers within yourself.  

See Kanye West is a proud, smart, enlightened Black man but he has found a way to be that n&gger and still do everything that sick, demented White people do.  Because he has the money to get away with it as he has earned that right.  You would be doing it to if you had the money and someone showed you the way.  So if you follow him, you can get to that level artistically, spiritually, and intellectually that the Black church and the mainstream media (did I forget the establishment), has been trying so hard to keep us away from.  You know because everyone wants to keep a n&gger in bondage, everyone wants the chains around their neck and the ball chained to their foot.  Whatever happened to bringing us out of our situation so that we could build a better community?  Whatever happened to addressing the hypocrisies of being a Black person, accountability and getting our act together?  Sure we all know that Jesus saves, but we also know that you can run far, far away in the opposite direction to attempt to get away from God, as you and Katy Perry continue to remind us that you are doing.  But what lies at the end of the rainbow?  I love great art as much as the next person.  But I have to ask myself why am I enjoying this art.  There are millions of great artists some controversial and provocative some lame some that are patriots and some that espouse traditional American values, like Norman Rockwell.  Am I going to find anything through this art?  Am I going to discover myself or am I going to lose myself in the nuances and contradictions of this art?  Perhaps I need to do so, perhaps I cannot trust anyone and everyone is a hypocrite and I need to follow someone that can be there for me when I hate humanity and everything that it stands for and I would prefer a world of animals and robots.  I’ve done that, I’ve been there, and all it leads to is more depression, more addiction, more distance between me and God and more hatred, and I have forgotten why I am angry.  All of you Negroes want to be artists and try to reinvent the wheel by creating this mash up and stealing from all of the great artists throughout time and marketing yourself effectively and creating controversy and being provocative and being narcissistic with your self-aggrandizement trying to be profound and tell us something that no one has ever heard before.  It has all been done before, so many times, on so many different levels and actually by Black artists (although they will never tell you that) as well as the Whites whose ground they walked on you worship.  Nothing new under the sun, expect your own rhetoric that you can keep to yourself.  I have enough of my own to last me for a while …


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