Look Beautiful This Summer

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The hot days are back! We’ll see girls in short skirts and tube tops, and boys in cargos and flip-flops. Everyone makes an extra effort to get into shape for those tiny clothes. And makeup is just as important. However, makeup in summer is quite different from makeup any other time of the year.

Basic Summer Makeup Tips

‘Less is more’ pretty much sums up the rule for summer. But that doesn’t mean that you always get the natural look or minimal makeup. A lot of people end up getting a tan during the warmer months, all they require is lip gloss and they are good to go. Their skin gets a natural glow from the heat, and they look pretty even without makeup. We shall discuss some tips I have gathered from online beauty guides.

The most vital product your makeup kit this time of the year is sunscreen. While a tan is welcome, you will want to avoid harmful UVA and UVB rays that can burn the skin.

Makeup Application

Before you begin, gently rub some ice cubes to your face. It tightens the pores of the skin, and it will cool your face, helping the makeup stay on better. This is one of the summer makeup tips that is recommended by most celebrities.

Summer heat means you should think about humidity, heat and sweat before you use any makeup. Avoid using foundation as it doesn’t do well in the heat. Use a powder concealer, instead of foundation. Go simple on the blush. The heat will make sure that you look rosy and bronzer would be a better choice for summer.

When deciding on eye makeup, it is best to stick to an eyeliner or mascara. Ensure that they are waterproof though. If you want to do complete eye makeup, go for softer and lighter colors.

The same rule applies for lipstick too. Apply light pastel shades rather than dark ones. In fact, it is better to just set aside your lipstick for the summer and use lip gloss instead. Gloss adds a sparkle and shine to your lips, which is all you need.


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