Smoke Tip Electronic Cigarette Review

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My husband has been a smoker for over seven years. He used to smoke seven or more real cigarettes daily. He was so addicted that he could not go a day without smoking. Without the hit of the cigarette he would feel sick and irritable. I have asked him whether he had made any attempts to quit smoking before and he told me that the patch does not work. He said one time he accidentally overdosed on the patch. He put the patch on and still felt the need to light up a cigarette. The mix of the chemicals from the patch and the cigarette proved to be too much. He felt very sick after that. 

Since the incident with the patch, my husband refused to try to quit smoking again. However, recently he had discovered the electronic cigarette. At first I was in disbelief that such a product could even exist. I thought that it was just a bad joke played on the smokers of the nation by insane marketers. I used to think that an electronic cigarette was just a picture of a cigarette on an internet page. You basically had to look at it and imagine that you were smoking. Eventually, after reading hundreds of reviews my husband finally convinced me that the electronic cigarette was a real product and that it may actually help to cure his cigarette addiction. I was excited and doubtful at the same time. While I was hoping for a positive outcome of this treatment, I really was not getting my hopes up. After all, if this kind of product was real, then why are there still so many smokers? Are people just trying to kill themselves on purpose? 

Well, my husband finally made the brave decision to purchase the electronic cigarette from a company called Smoke Tip. This company seemed to have the most positive reviews on the internet and also offered a very reasonable price. By using the electronic cigarette my husband was actually saving money. Now he is able to take me out more often and I do not have to smell the smoke when I am with him. 

The electronic cigarette from Smoke Tip was a miracle product. My husband has been on this substitute cigarette for over a month now. I cannot believe that after seven years of smoking he is finally smoke free. I am so happy that we might actually have the chance to grow old together. My husband used to constantly spit blood and his breath used to smell like the back of a taxi cab. Now, I can finally get close to him and not have to cover my nose. It really is a blessing! 

The electronic cigarette from Smoke Tip is battery operated and can be charged like a cell phone. You do have to keep buying the cartridges, but the pricing is reasonable so it is definitely worth it. Smoke Tip makes it fun to quit. They offer cartridges in many different flavors such as chocolate, mint, almond, apple, cherry, clove, coffee, peach, strawberry, and vanilla. My husband is now lowering his initial dose of nicotine. He is planning to eventually quit for good. You see for the smoker the hardest thing to give up is the feeling of the cigarette in their hand and the ritual of inhaling and exhaling the smoke. Electronic cigarette looks real and feels real. However, it does not have any harmful chemicals besides the nicotine. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who is trying to quit smoking. It is never too late even if you have smoked your entire life!


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