Blending Makeup Colors Professionally

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Everyone is competent at some makeup skills, though not all. For example, there are women who struggle with eye makeup, but can give you good makeup tips on everything else. One part of makeup that most women have a hard time with is blending colors.

Blending colors is not an easy art, but you can learn. With time, practice and patience, you can improve your color blending skills so your makeup looks seamless. There is a lot of free beauty advice available online which can help you learn the basics.

If you don’t know how to mix, or if you are average at makeup, it shows. It will look patchy in places and ruin the complete effect. The secret is in detailing and choosing the right colors. If the color isn’t correct for your skin complexion, you will look bad no matter how good your makeup skills are. Even if you do have the right foundation, uneven application will make your skin look splotchy and the makeup won’t sit well.

Similarly, while blending colors, you have to go step by step and make sure that you pay attention to detail each step of the way.

Learn to Blend Colors

Some professional makeup tips are:

Let’s look at how to blend the colors for your eye shadow. First, add the base, start on the inside of your eye lid and move to the outside. Ensure an even and thin coat.

Now, apply the lighter color. A technique used by professionals is to dab delicately with the fingers, in a tapping like motion, using the ring finger. So the contact is gentle and the color is even.

You can now apply the darker color. But make sure to you start from the end of the eye and go up till the middle. Again, use your finger to mix the two colors together at meeting point.

The final step is to use a brush to add a lighter color trailing the upper part of your eye. The motions of the brush will blend the colors in together, and the colors will seamlessly mix into each other. To blend more than one color, the same principles will apply.


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