Crazy Things That Women do on Facebook

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While most men can’t imagine what can be done with this, sinister tool, women have already penetrated into all sorts of manipulation. Facebook provides opportunities for great things. You can connect with your friends from elementary school, “follow” your loved ones when they traveling and avoid marathon aunt calls by sending her from time to time a message. However, like most other things, Facebook has a dark side. Creation, maintaining and controlling the relationship has become even easier. Here are some follies that women are doing on Facebook.

Creating fake profiles in order to spy ex-boyfriends

This may sound extreme, but certainly not uncommon. If you had a bad break or you haven’t talk with her for a long time, she will, certainly, be interested in how you are and what is going on in your life. Facebook now provides insight into your life. Of course, she might call you or send you an email, but it is much easier to avoid all uncomfortable things with just one look at your profile.

Manipulating with photos

Photos on her Facebook profile can also serve as a type of weapon in the fight against the unloved people. It is about setting up compromising pictures of people with whom they had a fight. If, after break up, on her profile dawns a picture of you in a dress (which you, as she wanted, dressed for a masquerade, and she swore that no one will ever know), there is nothing innocent in this, just endless immaturity.

Also, women are using Facebook albums to create a false self-image. So, from the average sweet little girl she becomes a girl who is adored by the masses of people.

Spreading passive aggression trough statuses

Through Facebook status is easy to tell friends where we are, what we do and what is in our mind. However, some women may use them in the manipulative purposes. It can happen that on her status dawns a message that her boyfriend is a jerk or indirectly tells him that she feels great without him.

Publishing false relationships

Some women just do not want to people pity them, and they post that they are in relationship with someone who does not actually exist. He is a seafarer, a professional soldier or an astronaut, and therefore no one of her friends has seen him. Besides, it is a good way to get revenge on ex-boyfriend. Is there anything nicer than two days after breaking up release that you are already in a happy relationship?

Some women have become aware that these things became an obsession and the decided to block facebook for themselves. Some of them are deleting profiles and some of them are looking for other ways but all together they ask themselves: How to block Facebook from myself?


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