10 Things to Avoid When Blind Dating

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Some people are either too busy or just shy, making blind dates the order of the day in many parts of the world. The internet has also made organizing of such anonymous affairs easier than one would fathom before the information age. What should you avoid when going on a blind date?

1. Avoid wearing any revealing clothes – You may be tempted to appear hot by exposing more than you should but this can only get you into trouble instead of helping you build a long term relationship.

2. Go easy on make up – While a little make up may help you look great and mask any obvious defects, too much of it may make you look ridiculous and push away a potential partner.

3. Do not lie and cheat – Try to be as honest as you can but keep some aspects of your life under lock and key until you are confident enough that he or she is more than just a date.

4. Do not steal – Some men and women have this irresistible urge to steal from strangers especially when they appear richer than they thought. Avoid stealing as much as you can even if it is genetic.

5. Do not keep your cell phone on during the date – The cell phone should be on up to and until you meet your blind date but switched off during the date to avoid unnecessary distractions that may prevent you from having a good time.

6. Do not show strangers where you live – A blind date is a stranger in every sense of the word and should not be invited where you stay until you have established beyond any reasonable doubt that they are responsible.

7. Don’t sound desperate – Avoid sounding desperate by kissing too soon, talking about marriage or demanding sex when you don’t even know who you are dating in the first place.

8. Avoid alcohol – I do not drink but have seen what people do when they are drunk. Cutting out alcohol and remaining sober will prevent you from getting into trouble when it lowers your inhibitions. You don’t want to reveal how desperate you are, do you?

9. Do not try to over impress – You may want your date to have a good opinion of you but try to remain true to yourself by behaving as modestly as possible. Exaggerating issues may land you into trouble for nothing.

10. Do not forget to go back to your house – This is not something you should take lightly. Sleeping over with strangers in a strange environment could be a recipe for chaos if not something worse.


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