12 Things to Do For Better Health And Happiness

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The following will make you happier and healthier:

1. Exercise – Try to exercise for at least an hour every day. Walking, jogging, cycling and any other form of exercise should make you happier.

2. Meditate – Spend some quality time alone and just reflect on issues that affect you. Meditation is a good way to de-stress and lead a happier life.

3. Make friends – Forming solid friendships with people who share your vision and goals will help you achieve more and lead a happier life.

4. Read – Many think that reading should be for those in school. All of us need to open our minds by engaging in some serious reading. It may not be some strange philosophical or scientific phenomena but reading has its advantages.

5. Sex – A romp in the bed sheets remains one of the simplest ways of leading a happier and healthier life due to the effect it has on the body’s biochemical activity.

6. Games – Playing and watching those games has no competition when it comes to promoting mental sharpness, improving your breathing rate and improving your blood flow. You will be healthier and happier if you play some more.

7. Prioritize all activities – By getting more organized, preventing procrastination and knowing what could be more important will help you achieve better results and therefore make you happier.

8. Give back to the society – Taking part in charitable activities or merely giving back something to the society may help you have that sense of satisfaction that brings happiness.

9. Eat the right food – By eating the right food and eating a balanced diet, various lifestyle related conditions will be prevented to a large extent making you healthier and happier.

10. Have time for family – Successful men are family men. Do not avoid spending quality time with your family members, it may help you reconnect and lead a better life.

11. Learn new things – You don’t know everything there is. By learning new things such as playing the guitar or piano, painting or even knitting may help you stay motivated.

12. Play with children – They don’t have to be your children, but playing with them should not only help you exercise but will also help you gain fresh insight into healthy living. Children are always happier that adults.


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