Guava And Benefits

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Guava with the scientific name (Psidium guajava) has been used as herbal medicine in addition to directly consumed with the delicious flavor.
Guava plant is widely grown in Asian countries.
With a round fruit shape, fruit color green or yellow when ripe, flesh
red or white, many seeds are small and hard with the selimuti by a soft substance like pulp that tastes sweet.
By directly consuming either already cooked or partially cooked or already on by a peanut butter and jelly. This is recommended because a lot of nutritional content. Guava grow in India. The content of nutrients contained in Guava is as follows:
Vitamin C (contained in the skin has a 5-fold
Vitamin C than oranges).
Vitamin A and B
Nicotinic Acid
Phosphorus Phosphorus
Folic Acid
With the content of the nutrients contained therein, the Guava benefits for health, including:
Diarrhea and Dysentery: Guava is very rich binding substances (compounds contained in Guava substances with substances in our mouths when chewing guava leaves or guava raw then we will feel refreshed) the substance that helps bind the bowel in patients with diarrhea.
Guava contains natural alkaline substances, disinfectants and anti bacterial which helps in healing of dysentery caused by microbial growth and reduce the production of excess mucus from the intestines.
Furthermore, with other content in guava such as vitamin C and carotenoids Potassium will help strengthen the digestive system in dealing with these bacteria.

Constipation: One of the useful substances contained in guava is a fiber food, fiber is useful to prevent various degenerative diseases, such as colon cancer (colon cancer) because it is readily soluble in water so that it can help the body produce residual expenditure which is not useful again through the process of defecation.
According to research that is not smooth defecation (constipation) can lead to 72 types of diseases so that the smooth discharge process resulting from the digestion is very good for overall body health.

Coughs and Colds: With guava juice is still young or herbal decoction of guava leaves is very useful to overcome cough and piilek, reducing lenders, easing respiratory tract, throat and lungs.
Guava fruit is said that very special because it has a high nutritional content, such as vitamin C, potassium, and iron.
High doses of Vitamin C contained in guava can boost the immune system to fight various infections. Thus we do not easily become sick, like flu, cough, fever, and others.

Skin Care: Guava can be useful to improve skin texture is better when compared to using a cream or skin toner common chemical we use everyday.
Content of substances contained in fruit seeds is mainly by mengkomsusmi a half-baked fruit and leaves or by washing the skin with boiled leather
outside the guava tree, fruit and young leaves can help to tighten muscles that have been lax skin.
In addition to these substances guava is also very rich in vitamins A, B and C and potassium which is very good as antioxidants so your skin will stay fresh and free of blemishes, wrinkles and other skin disease dangerous.

High Blood Pressure: Guava can help to reduce the cholesterol contained in the blood. Research has shown that the potassium content of about 14 mg/100 g of fruit, which potassium substances beneficial to increase the regularity of heart rate, to enable
muscle contraction, regulate delivery other nutrients to the body’s cells, control the fluid balance in body tissue, and lower high blood pressure (hypertension).

Lose Weight: Guava is very useful for those who want to lose weight because the content contained therein in the form of vitamins, protein and fiber and no cholesterol and less easy to digest carbs so with guava consuming during the day, then we will not feel hungry until night even for the thin ideal body weight will keep it to happen because of the wealth of nutrition contained in it will help keep your metabolism and helps the absorption of nutrients.

Another benefit of guava to health including:
help control diabetes, reduce the risk of cancer, swollen gums and teeth date, heal wounds when applied as an external medicine, seizures, epilepsy, bacterial infections and so forth.


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