Dr.von Neumann’s Computer -2

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Now we can understand a little better

About design of modern computer

This standard design was given

By the great Dr von Neumann. and his team .

This was seventy years back.

The main parts of the “von Neumann”design

Are the ALU and the CPU

And the most important “Main Memory”

Which is a Magnetic Memory board

Fixed inside the machine much like black board

We see in school rooms for writing any thing.

The Main Memory was indeed the most wonderful lpart.


The ALU was a sophisticated version

Of the first jumble of flip flops

And registers used by the researching engineers

when they produced thefirst calculator..

It solved big mathematical problems no doubt

But the human engineer had to control

Every little action every second

Sitting before the system day and night.

The CPU is the commander- in- chief

It has taken the place

Of the outside human engineer.

But it is nothing but a group of“Registers”

It gets from the human engineer

Most accurate coded “instructions”,

Like the working steps we write

To solve in algebra a bigproblem.

The CPU is however only a slave.

It is abject slave of the human engineer!

It switches on all electrical circuits

And the mathematical circuits

As per a strict plan and sequence

Prescribed by the human engineer.

It promptly responds to the signals

Coming from all computer’s parts

As per the human engineer’s prerecorded plan.

Now, where does the computer record

The instructions given by the human engineer?


Here we understand the great value

Of the indispensable “Main memory”

That Magnetic memory board

Of those ancient first computers.

It is just like the class room black board.

Used in every school in every town.!

The magnetic memory board

Of the ancient computers

Invented by Dr von Neumann

comprised of thousands of tiny electro magnetic rings

In perfect rows and columns

Looking like a graph paper

The rings were connected into groups

Of eight or sixteen rings

To represent the eight or sixteen digit codes

Of the numbers on which mathematical

And logical operations are done.

As long as computer is not switched off

Each tiny ring individually

Can be magnetized or demagnetized.

by sending currents

Through the invisible hidden wires!

Currents in vertical wire magnetized the ring

The horizontal wire demagnetized.

Thus they indicated the Boolean zeroes and ones.

The eight or sixteen chamber magnetic houses

Can indicate codes of numbers

Exactly like the electrically constructed registers

These magnetic rings help construct

Magnetic houses (much like the registers)

Each having a row of eight or sixteen rooms

The plastic frames used have thousands of the rings

Arranged in perfect rows and columns

Forming houses of eight or sixteen rooms.

There is another very important thing

The eight or sixteen bit electric codes

Which represent the numbers

Loaded in the registers can flow

Through the electric superhighways

Into the magnetic memory houses.

In the reverse way copies of the magnetic codes

Contained in the magnetic memory houses

Can be converted into electric pulses

And can flow into the registers

To represent the same number in electric code.

Suffice it to say that every number

In the form of its eight bit or sixteen bit code

Could flow very easily between CPU,

The ALU and the magnetic memory houses

Existing on the Main Memory.

There are different type super highways

Between different parts .

Data (that is, the eight bit or sixteen bit codes)

Can move only on these superhighways

And not by any alternate path..

In the first computers of Dr von Neumann

There was even a forty lane superhighway between

Main memory and the forty chamber “Data Register”

But the forty chamber “Data Register “

Was actually a row of four separate registers

Of eight, twelve, eight and twelve flip flops

Separately grouped in that order.

The forty bit incoming instruction

Automatically broke into four small instructions

And each instruction went its separate way

In to the smaller register..


Thus any digital code can flow,

While travelling inside the computer,

Only through the prescribed super highways.

It can be between registers in ALU and CPU .

And the “magnetic houses”of the “Main Memory”

(also from the inputtingand to the outputting devices.)

Only the connecting superhighways should be used.

The zeroes and ones can not spill out

Like ping pong balls running all over the floor.

Such was the rigid and high discipline

Even in the ancient computers of seven decades back


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