Gili Island,lombok Indonesia. Beautiful Place For Honeymoon

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Aromantic honeymoon highly coveted newly married couples. Many beautiful places in this world. one of them Gilis Island.
This island is one of the two largest islands are owned by the Province of West Nusa Tenggara. Beauty of landscapes, making the islandof Lombok to be one honeymoon destination which is also in demand. When you already know where feet should go, the beauty of Lombok can be explored on this trip.

GiliIsland is one of the most beautiful island that lies off the northwestern islandof Lombok, Gili Island there are three, namely Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. Third island has beautiful views with clean white beaches and the water was very clear. The area around the three island is known for having a beautiful sea garden is a habitat for a variety of beautiful fish, colorful

Three regions located in the village of Gili Gili Indah, Kecamatan Tanjung, West Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Gili is a small island mansions that are often found in West Lombok. Of all the islands in West Lombok, has been only three islands (dyke) who visited by tourists.

Smallislands called Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. The three islands that seemed capable of representing the portrait of beauty beaches in Lombok. Everything presents the clarity of sea water, white sand grains without scattered garbage, and coral reefs with ornamental fish are adorable.

The mileagetowards the island’s third longest spends 30 minutes, depending on whether or not the current big waves. Direct stunning panorama of nature. Sea water is salty as if stuck by a dark blue, light blue to light green. I was so crystal clear water, sea base was seen pithy. The three tiny islands in the middle of the ocean that has different unique characteristics. Each has a natural atmosphere and its own characteristics. In fact, those differences seemed to finally sort out the tourists in accordance with the interests, attitudes, and personality.

GiliTrawangan is the largest island, crowded as well farthest from the main island of Lombok. Most tourists who visit it consists of people who are youthful and energetic. In the holiday season, most of the night held a party with a frenetic rhythm of the music.

For tourists who just want to feel the atmosphere of the beach without going wet, can relax on the porch of the hotel, cafes, and restaurants are arranged beautifully. In fact, if interested, you can hire a horse-drawn carriage Cidomo to circumnavigate the entire island of Gili Trawangan.

Meanwhile, Gili Meno is located in the middle between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, more suitable for tourists who crave the relaxation in the silence. Visitors were treated to truly natural feel of a tranquil tropical beach.
Mangrove trees are still visible along the coastal beaches merimpun. Another with an atmosphere that is created on Gili Air. Nearby island of Lombok which is more suitable for tourists who vacation with family. Inhabited by local residents the most, this island offers the atmosphere of the beach is not crowded but not too quiet.

Although located in the middle of the ocean, the tourists do not have to worry about transportation, accommodation and affairs of the stomach. All tourist facilities are available complete. Each island has a hotel, restaurants, discotheques to places of worship though.

All the convenience that ensure the comfort of a relaxing holiday. Over time, the tourists can enjoy as much air typical hot tropical beach. In the morning and afternoon tourists walking barefoot on a bed of soft white sand and very clean or sit perched on the roots of mangrove trees that hung down to the sea.
Which should not be overlooked is sun bathing, swimming and snorkeling. On the gently sloping beach which was quiet choppy, tourists can uncover the mysteries of marine life in safety. Although in some places damaged coral reefs, no doubt left side


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