List of 90 Best Free Webhosting

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In this article I will try to give a list of 90 best free web hosting, that supports PHP and MySQL is available at Internet.This can as a means of learning to create a blog or website before switching to use paid service.Bloggers sometimes use their free web hosting for a place to store large files behind their paid hosting (including me). Some webhosting in complete FTP and automatic script installer (like Fantastico). There are many free web hosting services provide different features and space. Each provider of free websites have several advantages and disadvantages. So choose according to what you need to learn methods to create a blog or website or maybe file storage.

Let’s take a look list of 90  best free webhosting

free web hosting with 10 GB bandwidth, 300 MB disk space.

free PHP / MySQL hosting including a free sub domain. 300MB space, 20Gb monthly bandwidth, 7 MySQl databases. Vista Panel control panel is provided to manage your website, packed with features including email, fTP add-on domain and much more.

0 Cost Web Host

free web hosting with 999 MB of free space and 2000 MB of bandwidth.


free webhosting, 400 MB space 2000 MB bandwidth, Php5, SQL support.


20MB web space, your own subdomain (, unlimited e-mail addresses at your subdomain, counters, guestboot, site statistics and more.

free web hosting, 300MB disk space, 10GB monthly transfer, 7 MySQL databases, PHP, FTP.

100 Megs Free

100 MB space, FTP or web based uploads, address like Advertising supported – the ads can be on your page or in pop-up window.

free web hosting with 200MB web space, 30GB monthly banwdith, FTP, PHP, MySQL and SSI support. Maximum filesize limit: 5MB. Instant activation. Forced text ads on the right side.


free web hosting with your own domain or subdomain, 200 MB webspace, 5000 MB monthly bandwith, FTP, SSI, PHP, MySQL, maximum filesize 5 MB. Google adsense on the right side and you can upload your own ads.


free hosting offering 19GB of web space + 19GB monthly data transfer.

1ASP host

100MB space ang 1BG monthly bandwith you get with this free web hosting. Features include SSI, ASP and MS Asscess support, Macromedia Shockwave support and online unzip capability.

free hosting that supports PHP 5.2.5 and MySQL 5. 300MB web space, 10GB monthly data transfer, 6 MySQL database, 6 addon domain, FTP, e-mail, POP access, automatic script installer.

24 Fast

free hosting, with 300mb of space 10gb transfer, 3 mysql databases, 5 addon domains, 5 sub domains, FTP.


free web host, 300MB space, PHP/MySQL suport, FTP


free web hosting with php, mysql, 1GB space and unlimited bandwidth.


50 MB free web hosting space, FTP access, subdomain hosting and some pre-installed scripts.

free web hosting service with 900 MB of space, 100 GB of bandwidth, FTP, PHP 5, 10 MySQL databases, and 20 domains hosted.


free web hosting with 15 MB space, 1 GB transfer per month, SSI support and no ads.


20 MB space, site building and file management tools.

free hosting package with 50MB space, 500MB monthly bandwith, Perl, PHP, MySQL support.

Black Apple Host

free web hosting with 5,000mb space, 20,000mb bandwidth, PHP, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin supported. File manager + FTP.


300 MB disk space, 10 GB Monthly transfer, 7 MySQL databases, 6 Add-on domains, 6 Sub domains, Vista Panel, PHP Flags manager, Fantastico installer (29 scripts), FTP account, file manager (browser upload), web mail, POP email accounts, password protected folders, Php MyAdmin, instant activation and more


free web hosting featuring PHP, MySQL and more. 300MB space, 6 GB bandwith.


free web hosting that offers 300MB disk space, over 6000MB data transfer, 3 mySQL data bases, 5 subdomains/add-on domains, 38 free preinstalled scripts.

DJ Cafe

free web hosting for the music community. 5 MB to start (can be increased up to 150 MB), guestbook, forum/message board, counter, feedback forms, FrontPage 98 extensions, Real Audio server, server side includes, custom CGI scripts. Address like Maximum file size 500 Kb.

Domain DLX

web hosting offering 100MB disk space, web-based FTP and control panel, 1GB monthly bandwidth, online unzip zapability , SSI and Active Server Pages support, plus free MS access database connectivity.


free hosting with php/mysql support.


10 gb web space, 10 gb transfer, instant activation.


250 MB web space, web based file manager, FTP access.


300 MB disk space, 10 GB monthly transfer, 7 MySQl databases, FTP, free subdomain, file manager.


free web hosting with 50MB web storage, 1000MB monthly transfer, PHP support, FTP allowed and online file manager. Address like

free PHP hosting, 300MB webspace, 10000 MB bandwidth, 6 MS-SQL databases, vista panel, email.

free hosting plan offers with 250MB web space, 6GB monthly bandwith, MySQL/PHP5, Zend, Ioncube support.


free web hosting on servers based in the US. Minimum of 300MB of storage and 35GB of monthly transfer to the end user. Also supports cPanel, PHP, MySQL, IMAP/SMTP/POP e-mail, domain forwardning, add on domains, and sub domains.

Free Host Place

free website hosting with no annoying ads on your site. 5GB space, 20GB bandwidth, 10 MySQL databases, PHP scripting.

Free Hyper Space

1000MB free web host with free subdomain and FTP, MySQL, PHP support. 10GB monthly bandwith.

Freebie Host

free web hosting for personal or business. PHP and MySQL support. Instant activation, 2GB Disk Space, 10Gb bandwidth, PHP Script autoinstallers.

free hosting package includes 50MB of disk space, 1GB of monthly bandwidth, site templates and scripts.

free weh host with 222 MB disk space, 7 GB data transfer, PHP and MySQL.


free web hosting with 300 MB disk space , 10 GB monthly transfer, Vista panel, web mail, PHP flags manager, POP email accounts, 7 MySQL databases, automatic installer (29 scripts), password protected folders, 5 add-on domains, FTP account, Php MyAdmin, 5 sub domains and file manager (browser upload).


free web host that gives you a 5 gigs of space, easy to use control panel, no ads, instant activation, PHP, FTP, MySQL databases, use your own domain or our free subdomains and more.


12MB of web space, file manager (no FTP), web site builder.

300 MB web space, 10 GB transfer, 7 MySQL databases, vista panel, automatic script installer, FTP, subdomains, and more.


100MB space, 1 GB bandwidth, domain hosting, FTP, ad supported.

free web hosting site with 300MB web space,10000 MB bandwidth, PHP, MS-SQL and more.


40 MB free web hosting, 500 MB monthly bandwith, support for FTP, SSI, password protection, address like


free web hosting with 250MB space, 10 GB of traffic each and every month, PHP, Perl and MySQL support, no forced advertisements. You have to be active forum member.


one of the oldes free web hosting services. 15 MB space for storing files, 3 GB / month bandwith, address like Advertising supported.

250MB disk space, 6GB monthly transfer, 3 MySQL databases, instant activation, CPanel, PHP MyAdmin, Fantastico script installer, Email, Webmail, MX records, subdomain, own TLD domains, custom error pages, .htaccess, statistics.


free hosting that supports php and MySQL databases. Vistapanel provides a portal for easy management of your website including 300MB web space, 10 GB monthly data transfer, FTP and automatic script installer.

Host Department

100 MB free web hosting, unlimited bandwith, pre-installed scripts (guestbook, forum, forms), support for password protection, web site generation tool, statistics.

20GB diskspace, 10GB bandwidth, PHP5 with MySQL and PHPMyAdmin. Quick install of WordPress, Joomla, phpBB2 and more.

free cpanel hosting service where you can find the standard PHP, MySQL, CGI and Perl here but you also get ASP, Python and Java included. Every plan has generous disk space and bandwidth allocations and include FTP and hosted email accounts.


free web host with 5 gb disk space, 7 gb bandwidth and 5 mysql database.

free web hosting, 1GB space, 15Gb bandwith, 3xMySQL databases.

free web host with 300MB disk space, 10GB data transfer, MySQL5 support.


300MB web space, 10GB bandwidth, 5 Add-on domains, 5 sub-domains, web mail, POP email, FTP account, PHP MyAdmin, PHP flags manager, automatic script installer, vista panel.

free web hosting, 5500 MB diskspace, 200 GB bandwidth, htaccess and htpasswd file.


250MB free webspace for the novice and advanced user. 5GB traffic a month, 3 SQL Databases, ControlPanel, Script deployer, and full support by a professional staff.

5 GB’s of space and 10 GB’s of traffic to host your free website. PHP, MySQL, add-on scripts, instant activation, free sub-domain or your own domain, and more.

Magic runhosting

150MB free web hosting with 4GB transfer as well as traffic statistics, MySQL databases, PHP, Perl, CGI, SSI and POP3.


free website, weblog or wiki hosting. No ads on your pages. CGI, .htaccess, email and dns support. Your website must be smaller than 30MB disk, and your bandwidth less than 100MB/month.


free hosting with 300 MB disk space, 3 MySQL databases, PHP support, FTP account, WebMail, POP3 support and PHP MyAdmin.

Mickle Muckle

free web host offering 300MB disk space, 10GB monthly bandwith, PHP, MySQL databases, FTP and automatic script installer (like Fantastico).


Czech hosting server. 15 MB space for static pages only, address like

My Place

free web hosting plan with 350 MB space, 60 GB traffic, MySQL database, FTP account, POP3 email account. 468 x 60 banner at the top of page. Instant activation.


300mb web space, 100gb transfer, no ads or forum posts.


offers 3gb of free web space with 30gb bandwidth. You will be able to use PHP scripting, MySQL and full FTP access.


50GB bandwidth, 5GB disk space, e-mail service (POP3 & forwarding), cron jobs, add-on domains, 5 MySQL databases, PHP5, FTP Access, Control Panel, Awstats statistics, pre-scripts, no forum requirements.

free Linux web host with 50MB space and 500MB bandwith, PHP support and pone MySQl database.

Net 4 free

150MB free web space, FTP access, instant activation, unlimited bandwidth/hits, 500 KB file size limit.


free web hosting with 200MB webspace, 100GB bandwidth, PHP, MySQL and POP3 email account. Instant activation.

300 MB Disk Space, 10 GB Monthly transfer, 7 MySQL databases, 6 Add-on domains, 6 Sub domains, Vista Panel, Php Myadmin, Web mail, POP Email, Automatic installer (29 scripts), FTP account and File manager (browser upload).

free wbe host with 50MB storage, 1GB bandwith, FTP, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Pythin, CGI.

200MB disk space, 2000MB transfer/month, PHP, CGI, cpanel, all accounts are instantly activated after email verification.


they offer 3 free web hosting plans: 100MB space+3GB bandwith, 150MB space+2GB bandwith and 50MB space+4GB bandwith. All three plans comes with POP3 account, SSI, PHP, Perl and MySQL support.


free web hosting including a subdomain, 50MB space, 300MB bandwith, 5xMySQl dabase, PHP support.

200MB PHP enabled webspace, unlimited data transfer, 1 MySQL database, 1 FTP account, POP email address, address, instant activation. They force a 468 x 60 text banner to the top of all pages.

free web hosting with 300 MB web space, 6 GB monthly traffic, PHP scripting support, MySQL database, no file size restrictions and POP3 email support.

Pink Paper

free website hosting that gives you 300 MB of disk space, 10 GB monthly bandwidth, automatic script installer, 7 MySQL databases, PHP 5 support, POP and Web based email accounts.

free web hosting service with 300MB space, 10GB monthly transfer, 7 MySQL databases, PHP support (with Ion Cube and Zend Optimizer).


free web hosting with 100 MB storage, 1.2 GB monthly bandwith, site builder and FTP support.


300mb web space and 30gb transfer all for no ads or forum posts. No waiting time, instant activation.


virtually unlimited hosting with MySQL and PHP support.


free web hosting company that offers 300 MB disk space, 10 GB Monthly transfer, 7 MySQL databases, 5 Add-on domains, 5 Sub domains, Vista Panel control panel, Web mail, PHP flags manager, POP email accounts, Password protected folders, FTP account, Php MyAdmin and File manager.

free PHP and mySQL cpanel hosting with email, 250MB disk space, 6000MB bandwidth, 5 addon domain, 5 subdomains and FTP support.

free web hosting with 20G webspace, 500G bandwidth, php, mysql, free sub-domain ( or own domain name, FTP uploads support, instant activation.


50MB web space, page building tools, guestbook and message board for your site, unlimited bandwith, online support and for beginners and also easy to use web page templates.

free web hosting with 1Gb webspace, 40Gb bandwidth, php, mysql, free sub-domain ( or own domain name, FTP uploads support, instant activation.

free web hosting with 300Mb webspace, 10Gb bandwidth, php, mysql, free sub-domain ( or own domain name, FTP uploads support, instant activation.


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