Blog Comments -Ways to Get More of Them

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Are you looking for ways in which more visitors can leave comments on your blog, then look no further. This article offers a list of things you should know in order to compel your readers to always leave helpful comments on your blog posts.

Encourage Your Visitors: If you want your blog to be brimming with activity, then it’s really important that you focus on getting your visitors to comment on your posts. There are lots of people who don’t understand what the comments section is for and others simply can’t be bothered to take the time. If you tell your readers outright that you would like them to comment, it opens up new doors for you. All people need to take action sometimes is a little encouragement. Just let people know you really are interested in their opinions and what they think of your work since it will help you create much better content in the future. It all comes down to how convincing you are in getting them to post comments on your blog regularly. You need to understand a critical concept, namely that a blog with no comments might as well be dead.

Is the No Follow Tag in Place on Your Blog?: If you haven’t deactivated the “no follow” tag, you should do so to encourage commenting. Deactivating the “no follow” ref will attract many more comments to your blog. If your blog is set up with WordPress, you can use a plugin such as “Nofollow Case by Case” to change this setting.

People who comment often want to get a backlink from their posts, and this plugin will remove the “no follow” ref from any links in a comment.

Thank Your Commenters: This is something that not many bloggers do, but it sure can make a huge difference. When you get a helpful comment, don’t just reply on the blog itself; send them an email to show your appreciation. Thank them for visiting your blog and taking out the time to comment -show courtesy and they will come back later on to comment on your future posts. This is how you turn your readers into loyal readers. If you want to achieve long term results on your blog, then you will need to patiently build it up using the right strategies remembering that blogging success does not happen overnight.


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