What Are The Benefits Of A Private Mailbox?

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A private mailbox is similar to a post office box with one extremely important distinguishing highlight. You can receive letters and packages from other carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL in addition to mail from the USPS. This is an extremely important feature, as some places do not even ship to PO boxes at all.

With a private mailbox, you can also receive larger packages that the post office will not accept. Even if you are not available to receive the item during normal work hours, you no longer have to worry about missing shipments that require signatures or having important packages left at the front door.

With a private mailbox, there will be someone there all the time to sign and/or receive the shipments for better management of your letters and packages. There are also a number of other advantages that private mailboxes will give you:

• Privacy – Having a private mailbox enables you to keep your home address unpublished. In the case of a business, this prevents your customers from having your personal information.

• Security – Keeping your letters under lock and key prevents possible theft from items either left in your mailbox or at your door. Also, if you need to go out of town for a few days, letters and packages will not stack up, letting people know your not at home.

• Mobility – Your private mailbox gives you a permanent address, so if you change locations, your letters and packages will still arrive safe and sound. You will not have to deal with the hassle associated with a change of address and your address can stay the same on all your marketing materials such as business cards, letterhead, website, etc.

• Credibility – If you are running a small business, having a street address as opposed to just a box number can be perceived as being much more credible. In addition, it often has the appearance of an office or business complex complete with suite number.

Private mailbox providers are generally independently owned and operated shipping and packaging stores that can offer you numerous value added services in addition to the mailbox rental.

This can include full service shipping and packaging services, packaging and office supplies, fax and copy services, notary services, paper shredding and more.

Another added benefit is that the these paces are generally much less crowded than the post office, which may mean getting in and out quicker.


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