Yoga Against Violence

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Violence is synonymous with aggression. But what are its roots? Continuous inter-species struggle – is a natural process in nature. Nevertheless, under constant conditions of existence always maintained a balance of species. Once it is broken, come into play the natural controls, such as plague among the lemmings. The fight between relatives within the species itself – it is a competition.

Together with aggression nature has provided and how to block, applies only to relatives by sight. What terrible predator, the more effective, with respect to the household, the Forbidden instinct. When the wolves find out the relationship, the weakest of them are simply substitutes the winner of the carotid artery. The winner may radiate growl, but will not bite. If it were not such a protective device, the wolves would have long since vanished from the face of the earth. In mountain gorillas in Africa, which have monstrous power, the fight is gazing into each other’s eyes. Who first looked away – lost and goes. The degree of natural protection is proportional to the damage that an animal may cause or experience a collision with specimens of its kind.

Each animal has its own area of ​​habitat, which is proportional to its real strength, therefore – Opportunity controls this territory. As a general rule, if it does not encroach, the conflict between the representatives of one species does not arise. The weaker and harmless animal, the less he has represented defense mechanisms of intraspecific aggression. And if you put in one cell, that is extremely compressed in the living space of the two most harmless birds, then one of them being stronger, sure to score another to death, slowly and cruelly.

What is a man in the hierarchy of the animal world? This is a rather weak physical being which is omnivorous. Few today would deal with hunting, if the managers of the extraction of personal nails and teeth. But the man once tied to a stick and stone in the heat of an argument struck a neighbor’s head. Since then, unfortunately, the weapon is very improved. With the technology people to suppress all manifestations of nature, and because this to him the relevance of intraspecific competition has been exhausted, it has turned into intraspecific competition. And since nature for human instinct, no provision prohibiting killing their own kind, then we have these “achievements” of civilization as war, prison, death camps, etc. Dully would probably sounded the phrase “increasing crime rate among the lions because of the drought in the African savannah, but where such states of our fellow human beings, this is not shocking.

In addition, anti-human-being and life itself are used, any advances in science. Kurt Vonnegut once grimly joked: “What would scientists do, anyway they had obtained weapons.” And even what! Presses a performer on the button – and in a nuclear hell burns once hundreds of thousands like him. And whoever did this innocent movement, does not see how evaporate the same as he beings, turning into nothing, in the light shadows melting on the concrete railing of bridges. High-tech liquidator calm and businesslike, he smells the smell of burning flesh, not hear the cry of children, turned into torches. Quiet chattering hammer and sniper optics silently breaks distant figure – no blood, bone crunching, death rattle, all sterile. Salutary distancing killer from the victim in time and space is the most outstanding achievement in science.

Aggression is inherent in human nature, its animal parts, so do not get rid of it. It can restrain morality and culture, but the best way to avoid it – the reorientation of aggressive impulse.

Philosopher Hilon commanded: “Know thyself.” The one who can do this with the help of yoga, and feel to the bone will understand that all life is one. Therefore, his attitude toward the world and people will change drastically. Anyone who knowingly does not cut the tree down, do not kick a kitten out of boredom, not to crush the frog – will regret and humans. All normal people should follow the principle articulated by Albert Schweitzer: reverence for life.

The practice of yoga cleans the unconscious part of the psyche, while adapting to the personality of her dark side, so exhausted the potential of aggressive manifestations. Anyone who saw themselves, no longer has a claim to the other. In the Yoga Sutra says: “In the presence of the established in the not causing harm to others cease all hostility in others.” Nonviolence – big power, and give it very difficult. Elimination of resistance to evil is not yet nonviolence. Therefore, Gandhi said that ahimsa is feasible only in the presence of fearlessness. Vivekananda asserted that only when a person will develop the strength necessary to resist evil, non-violence would be his virtue. In fact, calm the soul can only be achieved with adequate mental and physical resistance to evil.

There is, incidentally, is one very interesting point: in terms of ahimsa violence cannot be applied to itself. If people practice yoga breaks or damages the body – is violence. If you overcome the pain in the asanas – it’s also violence against yourself!

How yoga can resist evil? Firstly – have their presence in this world, and this very fact has other consequences.

The effects of yoga are not to deal with five, but that they never were on your way because you do not need it.


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