Walk Your Talk And You Will Attract Mr. Right

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Do you have a set of boundaries or rules when it comes to dating? Well, if you do that is great. However, one thing you must make sure of is that you’re not being a hypocrite.

Last week during a coaching session with one of my clients, she expressed that she disagreed with men who cheated on their girlfriends. This is a definite no-no in her book. However, she met a man who has a girlfriend, has expressed interest in her, and made it very clear that he is with someone and he does this on a regular basis.

Even though she disagrees with how he treats women she still decided to keep in contact with this man.

Now because she has already told this man that she disagrees with what he does however; she still continues to communicate with him and he now knows what she says is a bunch of BS.

The reason that I am sharing this story with you is because I want to make sure that you are always walking your talk.  On your journey to attracting Mr. Right you will run into different types of men. There are some men that are going to test you and see how far they can get with you. Even though you may have made it clear that you are not interested some men will still continue to pursue you.

Walk your Talk

Now because this man knows that he can communicate with her (even though he has a girlfriend) he is now going to push her boundaries. His goal now is to see if he can make her his girlfriend on the side or just to be able to have sex with her.

Always walk your talk.

If your boundaries around dating are to not deal with men who are involved then if a man is interested in you who has a girlfriend don’t bother with him.

If your boundaries around sex are to wait until you are married then don’t have sex after the second date.

Mr. Right Attraction Assignment

  1. Get clear on your boundaries when it comes dating.

  2. Be able to effectively communicate your boundaries to the men that you are dating.

  3. Stand firm on your boundaries.

  4. Walk your talk! 


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