Effective Tips on How to Enter Graduate School Studies

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Graduate school is a school with the highest educational background and attainment that a certain student must further have cognizance about. It is a school that awards advanced academic degrees like master’s degree, MBA, Ed.D. and Ph.D. with the general requirement that students must have earned a previous bachelor’s degree.  It is only the gateway for the learners to take the highest professional struggles to carry out in order for them to be promoted someday whatever rankings or fields that they wish to elevate academically, according to the highest position and educational qualifications. Most students in the graduate studies find very hard to apply and avail of the scholarship requirements which can be of great help to everyone. For this reason, academic approach is the best panacea to this problem. It can’t be denied that there are problems of processing the prescribed documents, and there are students who do not have any savvy of processing their credentials so that they can avail of scholarships at once and enter graduate studies with ease.

How do you enter a graduate school if you desire to go on with your studies after college? A supervisory committee is appointed by the dean of the graduate school to guide and assist a graduate student working toward a doctoral degree and is expected to assess a student’s performance throughout a program. A supervisory committee should be appointed not later than four months prior to a general examination. Appointment of a supervisory committee indicates that the graduate faculty in a student’s field finds the student’s background and achievement a sufficient basis for admission into a program of doctoral study and research.

“Preliminary” examinations, if required, should be completed prior to a request for appointment of a supervisory committee. If “preliminary” examinations are not an academic unit’s requirement, it is appropriate to request appointment of a supervisory committee during a student’s first year of study. If the above options are not suited to your free time or planned schedule of activities, you will be given another alternatives to push through with your studies in the graduate school. Time management is very important in order for you to pan out in the postgraduate studies.

A renowned educator in the field of education Dr. Ermetes F. Adolfo, Jr. shared his insights into curricula and experiences about his “stringent studies” in the graduate school. To know him further, he graduated with the degree of Doctor of Education major in Educational Management from Southwestern University, Cebu City, Philippines, has years of professional and academic teaching experience, ranging from jobs as graduate school professor, college instructor, high school teacher, adviser, facilitator and speaker with seminars spearheaded by DepEd  and Commission on Higher Education to his latest positions as Head of the English Department in one of the science high schools in Cebu and District English Coordinator of the Municipality, Division of Cebu-Province. Dr. Adolfo is a consummate educator, with a love for the potential and impact of educational management; he is also an innovative teacher, with a devotion to educational project management and teaching profession. Finally, he is a consultant of the student body organization, an adviser of the campus paper, and a career educational development guru. He studies/takes up another doctorate degree, Doctor of Philosophy in English in one of the prestigious universities in Cebu, Philippines. According to Dr. Adolfo, patience and perseverance are the intellectual weapons to finish his studies.

With divine help and providence his aspirations in life finally came true with his graduation as a doctor. If you have problems concerning education or other studies pertaining to education, you may e-mail him at dr.ermsfadolfojr@yahoo.com, jn_dlf@yahoo.com and lhmet@aim.com.

So, for those aspiring graduates, higher degree of education can be attained by you if you have patience and perseverance to carry them out with the help of the Omnipotent Being. Don’t forget to pray always for your studies and protection. God will always be there if you sincerely pray for Him.


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