Divine Intervention

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 Due to its core belief Anomaly Therapy differs greatly from other therapies. That difference makes this approach to therapy unique within the helping profession. Anomaly Therapy shocks and surprises the unfamiliar with the startling core belief that the trivial phenomenon known as reality is actually a divine entity that many refer to as God that is disguised in the obvious. Although Anomaly Therapy fosters this core belief and it uses the term God interchangeably with the term reality, this therapy remains free from religious affiliation because Anomaly Therapy observes reality directly and it bases truth on the interaction between observer and that which is observed rather than on scripture or the interpretations of religious leaders. When viewed in this context of reality is God then God becomes lively, active, singular, gender-less, observable, duly accessible through immediacy with all teachings in this modal coming directly from the source of reality through the context of transposable truth.

This therapy subscribes to the theory that the source of all things is God and since nothing can exist independent of reality, reality becomes the source of all things. Therefore, reality is considered to be God rather than an extension of God. For example, there are obvious similarities between what we refer to as reality and known descriptions of God. For instance, we cannot destroy reality no more than we can destroy God. Our greatest weapons cannot harm or destroy reality. No matter how much we want reality to perform our wishes, reality is unwavering in its resolve. It simply exists despite us and our wishes and desires. Likewise, who can destroy God, or alter God’s course. Nuclear weapons are one of humanity’s greatest weapons yet they have no effect upon God. Nor can these weapons of mass destruction alter God’s resolve. God simply exists despite humanity and weapons of mass destruction. The similarities are only striking because reality and God is the same entity. Reality exists independent of all things yet not a thing can exist independent of reality. If reality ceased nothing would exist. Man and animal can exist ignorant of the awareness of reality but they cannot exist separate or apart from reality. Nothing escapes reality. All that happens in existence happens in reality. Likewise, God exists independent of all things yet nothing can exist independent of God. If God ceased nothing would exist since all things are dependent on God for life. Man and animal can exist ignorant of the awareness of God but they cannot exist separate and apart from God. All that happens in existence does so in the presence of this Reality; this God. This therapy chooses to acknowledge these comparisons by uniting the two terms interchangeably. Reality is God. Nothing happens separate or apart from reality. Everything exists in and because of IT. Regardless of your present faith or belief, there is no “escaping” or denying reality. This phenomenon of reality, this God, is supreme and above all other Gods because of this one unarguable fact, IT exists by and of ITSELF.

This therapy faces the topic head-on that Reality is God, and this therapy makes the postulation that this God is lively, active and that this God disguises itself as the trivial phenomena known as the present moment. The triviality that many people display towards the present moment is actually a byproduct of the disguise of God. This modal is the only therapy to perpetuate this viewpoint and in doing so, it isolates itself from other therapies. It is this perspective that becomes the distinguishing feature, which makes this therapy unique within the helping profession. In some other therapies, although the belief in the existence of God is foremost, there is a failure in providing God as a concrete substance whereby clients can form a realistic alliance with God such as they can through the tangible ‘Reality is God’ postulation of Anomaly Therapy. Other therapies choose instead to perceive anything God-related as being separate and unique to the individual and views stances in spirituality as taboo in a therapeutic alliance even though some therapies embrace “reality or God” as separate but equally important aspects of their philosophies. This therapy maintains the viewpoint that the “source of all things” stimulates healing and guides the whole in a combined effort to achieve harmony. This therapy postulates that by “centering” on this reality through constant awareness, focusing on reality’s teachings, and abiding congruently within reality that this source will affect great healing and harmony within the world. Where many go to extremes to avoid reality this therapy paradoxically prescribes the opposite with the belief that active interaction with the present moment frees the person from aberrant processes in a natural way.

Through promoting the awareness that reality is God this therapy eradicates the blind spot of triviality that prevents the masses from sharing in the insight of this phenomenon by exposing the obvious and perpetuating consciousness of Anomaly’s core belief. Through insistence upon active interaction with this phenomenon, this reality provides an avenue to a sustainable resource of help and learning that never needs replenishing. Through the unifying dynamic of the reality-God formation, harmony of the whole is possible since all learning and all directives come from the same source.  This therapy validates the client as an equal in therapy with the therapist acting as a guide in the beginning stages in order for the client to discover the awareness of this connection between reality as God. Once the client becomes aware of the true nature of reality the intuition which develops within the client exposes that all teaching and healing comes directly from the source. Through perseverance, immediacy, and dedication to this source great healing will transpire and harmony will advance throughout society. Through awareness of reality, we can approach God directly. Through observance of reality, we actively define our faith in God. Through congruence with the teachings of reality, we bring ourselves into harmony with the source of all things.

Anomaly Therapy substantiates God through immediacy and presents the client with a testable premise, whereby the client can reconnect to the source and learn in a more profound way through direct observation and direct interaction with this Living Reality.

Although other therapeutic approaches emphasize reality as an important component of focus these other approaches fail to establish the true nature of reality as a living entity and they certainly do not reference reality as God or even minimally as Divine. These other therapeutic approaches may connect clients to reality in an effort to alleviate symptoms but there is an inability or maybe even an unwillingness to connect clients to reality as God. Anomaly Therapy affirms and fosters the connection between the Divine and Reality. Anomaly Therapy reconnects the client to reality as being God and in reconnecting the client to the source in this way the client becomes empowered to restructure their internal processes, views and beliefs from a position of truth as is exposed directly from the source of all things; reality.

It is only after gaining awareness that Reality is God, that the client can compare, validate, and base their findings upon whether or not their experiential knowledge is congruent with the statements made in this modal. This therapy alleges that the therapist partially filters healing to the client from this Living Reality through the therapist, with the rest of the healing coming through the clients’ own direct interaction with reality. The direct experience of the client with reality as it is happening “now” is actually direct communication and direct interaction with this observable God. It is the acknowledgement by the individual of the connection that reality is God that fosters healing, change, and harmony within the individual, within the community, and within society. Also, any attempt by the individual to interact and follow the teachings of this Living Reality produces a byproduct of positive change that flow outward from the individual like the ripples that happen when an object drops into any liquid; the ripples flow outward and the ripples affect all that they touch.

This modal perpetuates the reconnection to the source as being a supreme intervention for the healing of the client and that without this source nothing could exist and likewise without this source no healing would be possible. Through reconnection, the guiding force in the client’s healing becomes the insights as revealed by this observable God, which the awareness of reality exposes. Reality grounds the individual in an environment that is free from illusion, fantasy, misleading thought patterns and overt behaviors that result from following loose connections to the way things truly exist. The individual may freely depart from or retreat into the present moment without the fear of any long term or serious aberrations, anxieties, overt behaviors, or dysfunctions from forming and overcoming the individual due to the ability of the individual to center on reality as a living support that teaches, guides and provides strength to those who interact and follow this phenomenon of the present moment. Without this reconnection and the resultant awareness of the true nature of the present moment reality will continue to remain trivial and mundane. Without this reconnection the individual drifts away from, and darts in and out of the present moment, unaware of the negative affect this loose connection to reality has upon them; hence the further the individual drifts from center the greater their disorder. Like the top that is most stable while spinning closest to its center; the further from center the top spins the greater the “wobble” until eventually the top fails, so too the individual is most stable when centered within reality. The further from reality that the individual drifts the greater their wobble.

Anomaly Therapy emphasizes the use of “models”, which in this context refer to observing and understanding natural phenomena, in its approach to discovery, healing, and teaching skills.

In the model of tree growth for example, we can learn many transferable truths and apply those findings to correct our own growth. An exploration of the model of tree growth reveals how adaptation to the environment can produce regardless of the extreme conditions under which growth happens. The model clearly teaches that understanding becomes transferable in the context of truth so if conditions are right according to the tree analogy then the tree grows and transferable to this the person will grow in a comparable fashion if their conditions are right. The model allows exploring the depths of an analogy to discover the truth applies not only to the analogy of the growth of trees but the analogy is true when it is transposed and applied to the growth of people as well.

By examining a model such as how a tree grows, we soon learn that if ideal conditions are present the tree will grow and reach a state of normalcy and this knowledge becomes useful as we transpose the context interchangeably with our own conditions and state of growth. The model can teach that even when growth happens in a non-ideal setting, ethereal beauty can still emerge. This ethereal beauty can be evidenced similarly in the twisted branches and knurled bark of the Bonsai tree or in the artistic-expression of an autistic savant who after briefly examining the architectural details of a building may then reproduce a freehand rendition of the structure in great detail and with remarkable accuracy using only memory as an aid in rending the detail.  In the model of tree growth we learn that if certain conditions are missing growth is affected, those conditions are comparable against norms exposing the deficiencies thus the solution to correcting the growth becomes more evident. In transposing tree growth to human growth, the human deficiencies become more easily assessable and treatable. Through modeling we gain insight into the dynamics required for all growth by linking complimentary elements of tree growth such as the proper soil with our environment, the right amount of nutrients with our basic needs, water with nurturing, light with learning, and temperature with love. Depending how deep we explore the model, we can reach levels of insight that can have dramatic effect upon teaching the explorers about the benefits of understanding the dynamics involved in transposable phenomena within the world.

After becoming aware of the connection between sources of reality and God is the client able to compare and validate their findings upon their own experiential knowledge of truth as compared with this modal. With the therapist acting as a catalyst this helps the individual become aware of the importance of the true nature of reality which then promotes positive change in the individuals rationale. So direct interaction with reality is actually direct communication with this Living God and this direct interaction with reality produces a byproduct of positive change.

Reconnection to the source is a divine intervention for the healing of the individual. Reality exposes truth to the individual throughout reconnection to the source. The individual is free to flow in and out of reality without fear of sustaining any long term negative affect because center restores the individual back with the source. Without reconnection reality remains trivial and mundane and the further the individual roams from center the greater the potential for disorder.

More information: http://ampersun.5gigs.net/anomaly


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