Outdoor Fitness Classes – A Consumers Guide

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Before you sign up for any course of outdoor fitness or Bootcamp sessions you need to ask these vital 7 questions.
This is an educational report produced by Peak XV Fitness.
Outdoor fitness or Bootcamp is exploding in parks and open spaces all across the UK. But how do you know what you’re getting yourself in to and who can you trust to deliver on their promises. My name is Chris Hines and I’m the Director of Peak XV Fitness.
I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and have seen many things come and go. I think Bootcamps and group exercise in general are a great thing when all the correct criteria are applied. I have written this short report in an attempt to educate anyone thinking of starting one of these programmes and to get answers to these seven vital questions.
As usual fitness and weight loss claims are shrouded by false advertising, misleading claims and confusing information, so my aim is to set the record straight with this report. The first question you need to ask is
1) Are the instructors qualified and insured.
Instructors come in various forms and while I don’t believe you need industry experts taking the classes there’s a world of difference between someone who’s spent their career readying soldiers for battle and someone who needs to motivate and encourage an overweight, post menopausal lady who is very out of shape.
Along with being able to clearly demonstrate each exercise the instructor must be able to safely progress and regress the exercises depending on the ability of the group members. This is virtually impossible for even the best instructors when they have a group of 30 different people, with different fitness levels and different injury histories. This leads perfectly on to the next question.
2) How many people are there in the group and what is the ratio of instructors to participants?
This is vitally important to know, not only for safety but also for the quality of the workout. It is very difficult to give feedback about exercise techniques to a large group of people and it’s virtually impossible to motivate each and every one of them. The smaller the group, the more individualised attention you get – there is no escaping this fact. I would suggest that if you’re in a group of more than 15 people then you’re just a face in the crowd and unless you have perfect exercise technique and huge levels of self motivation you’re not getting the most from your sessions. Having met around 500 Bootcampers I can tell you that these types of people are very rare.
I hear you ask, how do you find this all out, before you’ve signed up and handed over your cash? This brings me to my next important question.
3) If there is a free trial, then how long is it?
Most companies offer the first session FREE, which is fine – it’s better than nothing. However, what are you going to see in one session.
A lot of companies run multiple sessions with different instructors and varying numbers of participants. Say you turn up on Tuesday in a group of 12 and the instructor ticks all the boxes so you sign up. Then on Thursday, someone else runs the session and amongst another 24 people the session is a nightmare but you’ve already committed to a 6 week programme.
I’d recommend looking for a company who not only regulates their instructor ratio but also gives you an extensive trial to properly identify any pitfalls. Anything less than a one week complimentary trial then I would have serious reservations about joining that course.
OK, so we’ve checked out the instructors, the class ratio and had a great trial week. How do I still know it’s going to work for me? One word – TESTIMONIALS.

4) Is there a large selection of testimonials and success stories?

And more importantly, are they people like you?. If you’re a 40 year old woman with two children then seeing pictures of buff, ripped 22 year old guys won’t fill you with much confidence.
Ask specifically to see pictures of people like you, or they should be viewable on the company’s website. If they have 10 or more success stories of people just like you then the chances are it’s going to work well for you also. Look for credible testimonials before committing your hard earned money to a course.
Success leaves clues – look for them.

5) Are your result guaranteed?

So yes, I’ve seen some amazing before and after shots of people just like me, but what if I don’t get the same results as these people – is there any form of guarantee?
Is this company prepared to put their money where their mouth is and guarantee your results (assuming you’re going to turn up and put the work in!). If a company is prepared to not only let you have a free trial but then also guarantee their service then you’re on to a winner. This is very rare – so grab it if you can!
Now there are bound to be stumbling blocks and the odd plateaux cropping up and with weight loss, from my experience, it’s usually down to nutrition. The next vital question on my list is…

6) Do you get nutritional advice and is it by someone credible?

Now in my experience, nutritional advice is so important for fat loss that it has to be an integral part of any exercise programme to see results.
But there’s a world of difference between advice from a trainer who’s pulled an article out of Men’s Health, or at the very most done a weekend course and that of a certified Nutritional Therapist who’s completed three years of academic and clinical study.
We have sought out one of the best nutritional therapists in the country, in fact he lectures current nutritional therapy undergraduates, to design all our nutritional programmes. So we know we’re giving our clients the very best nutritional advice out there. We’ve had fantastic results from this as our dozen or so testimonials will tell you.
The final question I would ask is more of a cosmetic issue, but important all the same.

7) What equipment do you get to use?

If all you have is a bib for an hour it can be very samey! Find out if you‘ll be using resistance equipment, boxing pads, etc. The more variety the better! Certainly from a motivational and adherence point of view.

From working with hundreds of clients over the years I know variety and fun are vital to keep clients interested and motivated over a long period of time (which they need to get results). Exercise equipment gives you much more scope to do this than having no equipment at all.

I hope after arming yourself with theses 7 must know questions you’ll have all the information at your disposal to choose the best outdoor fitness provider for your requirements. To thank you do r taking the time to read this guide I would like to give this 2 WEEK Guest Pass to any of our London Bootcamp locations to try out our service. I’m confident we’ll give more than satisfactory answers to all the seven questions listed above. But hurry, places are severely limited and we’re very busy so grab your place now to get your free guest pass.


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