How to Find Leakage in Your Aquariums or Fish Tanks

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Petting marine organisms such as fish and turtles requires you to have aquarium or water tanks at home. These stuffs are usually made up from glass allowing somebody to see from the outside.

One of the most common problems in dealing with aquariums or fish tanks is the possible leakage. Leakage could endanger your pet lives in times the aquariums or fish tanks are run out of water.

There are cases wherein the leakage whereabouts are hard to determine especially when the aquariums or fish tanks have plenty of molds or the water that comes out is in slow motion.

If you are petting fish and you have your fish tank at home, it is difficult to find out that your fish tank has a leakage. Fish tank leakage could endanger the life of the fish or fishes if no immediate remedies could be done; besides water might provide problems in to the floor of your homes.

The leakage of your fish tanks could come from the soft rubber sealant or seals in your aquarium. There are huge tendencies that tank sealant wear down over the period of time. Finding and repairing leakage is an important factor to consider when you have your own aquarium at home.

In finding the leakage in your aquarium, the first thing to do is to remove all the fish as well as all the aquatic organisms from the aquarium temporarily. Take out all the decoration in the aquarium as well as all its contents including the water. Clean the aquarium through.

The second thing to do is to put the aquarium into a solid stand. If there is no available stand, you can use any available materials that can be used as stand somewhat like set up bricks or cinder blocks.

The third thing is to fill the aquarium with half –full water and use a towel to carefully dry the outside part of the tank. Allow the tank to stand for 24 hours and inspect it for any leakage. If there is none, fill the rest of the tank with water and stand it for another 24 hours. Inspect it again for a possible leakage, doing this thing will allow you to determine where is the possible area of the leakage where the water is coming through.

Replace another water tank if necessary. Glasses that are used for water tanks may come into its expiration causing it to break easily.

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