Other Forms of Relationships in The Ecosystem

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There are different organisms in an ecosystem; all of these organisms establish certain relationships into the other. One need the other for its survival even though some of these relationships might benefit one organism and will harm the other.

In an ecosystem, there are other relationship that take place. These are the Parasitism, the Naturalism, the Commensalism, the Predation and the Competition relationships.

In Parasitism, one organism is feed on the other organism, that is, without killing the late organism. Parasite is called unto the organism that is being feed while the organism in which the parasite is feed is called as host.

The relationship wherein both the organisms benefit from each other is called as the Mutualism. This is the relationship that is happening with the sea anemone and the clam fish. Both these organisms benefit from each other as the sea anemone provides shelter to the clown fish and on the other hand the clown fish attracts smaller fish to get near in the location of the sea anemone. Eventually the small fish will be captured by the sea anemone.

In the relationship called as the Commensalism, one organism will benefit from the relationship and they other will not or not affected at all. This is what happen to the orchids and the tree. In this relationship, the orchids grow in the branch of the tree. Here we notice that the orchid benefit in this situation considering that the orchids is being provided with shelter and considerable location. We can also notice that the tree is not affected or this relationship between the tree and the orchids have no beneficial or harmful effect to the tree.

Predation is a kind of relationship in an ecosystem wherein one organism is hunted by the other organism for food. Some of the organism in the ecosystem are carnivores such as the tigers and the lions. These organisms needs meat for foods; with this they usually hunt for other organisms for their meal. the organism that is being hunt is called as the prey while the organisms that hunts the prey is called as the predator.

Competition is a kind of relationship in the ecosystem in which several organisms are competing from the same source of food. In the case that the source of the food is limited or scarce, there is a tendency that on of these organism will going to die or failed to survive and the other organism will go on.

These relationships are among of the cycle of the ecosystem; relationships takes place naturally and if these relationship will be disturb, changes in our environment will occur.

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