Some of The Materials That Are Brought by Technology

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Human technology is advancing; these are evident in the materials that we use in our day to day living. There are different materials nowadays that are products of modern technology.

Technology brought some changes in our daily life. Among of the most evident are the improvements of some materials that we are using as well as on the way our foods are processed. The processing of metals, synthetics, fibers and foods brought improvements in or day to day activity.

In its pure state, metals are weak and soft, but if these metals are mixed with another metal, it will produce a strong and hard metal. Copper and zinc for example when mixed together will for a strong metal called as brass, as well as carbon and iron will form steel.

Synthetic is also a development brought by technology. Two of the most common synthetic materials are the plastic and the rubber.

Plastic is made from cellulose; a natural materials that is processed. The first synthetic plastic that was produced is made from the chemical “phenol” and “formaldehyde”. Currently, most of the raw materials that are used to produces plastic are hydrocarbons; obtain from the refining of oil.

Another common synthetic material is the synthetic rubber commonly used in car tires, bumpers, car components and others.

Technology also change the way we processed and preserve foods. Most of the food that we eat had been processed. Meaning, chemicals were used in order to improve its taste. Using additives is the most common way of this; making improvements on the foods appearance, taste as well as making the food last longer, emulsifiers, vitamins, preservatives, coloring, thickeners, and anti-oxidants are among of the additives.

Preserving of food has also been modernized. Aside from preserving the food through the use of additives, some methods of food preservation are used. Some of these methods are freeze-drying, aseptic packaging and Irradiation.

Freeze drying is a method of making the food frozen as well as removing the water from it. Aseptic packaging is done through sterilizing the food and packing it in sterilized containers. Irradiation is done by exposing food into some form of radiation which kills bacteria.

Technological innovations could be beneficial to us. It makes our life easier and comfortable. With the modern things around us, we experience modern living, a way of life which was never experience by the older generations.

These advancements in technology do not only give us advantages but disadvantage as well. Some of these disadvantages are the degradation that is happening in our environment; things that our generation should consider.

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