Different Methods By Which Merchandise is Sold

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Selling or buying merchandise comes in different forms. These different forms or processes might depend upon the availability of the money, the value of the product or the ease of transaction as well as for the security reasons.

There are different methods in selling merchandise. These methods are; cash and take selling, cash and deliver selling, charge and take selling, cash and deliver selling, charge on delivery selling, lay away selling, installment selling, and part cash & part charge selling.

The cash and take selling is the most common type of selling in which customers choose or ask for a kind of merchandise and buys it in cash. This is the common type of selling process we usually done in department stores and different establishments.

The cash and delivery selling is the selling process in which customer’s orders and pays for the merchandise in the stores and just wait for the delivery. An example of this is the purchase of large volume of construction supplies in which the items need to be delivered.

The charge and take selling is the process mostly evident in the use of the credit cards. Customers or buyers use credit cards in their purchase for the goods and services where they will pay for installments basis.

The cash on delivery selling is somewhat like the cash and delivery selling, however, payment for this process is made upon the delivery of the item.

The charge on delivery selling is the same as the cash on delivery selling, however, charge is made for payment instead of using cash.

The lay away selling process is done by which a merchandise is charged with a fixed amount as deposit and is considered reserve for a customer. He or she might be asked for a deposit and make a total payment for a given period of time. The deposit may be fortified or refunded upon the expiration of the set period.

The installment selling is the process in which a contract stipulates the amount to be paid, the interest percentage as well as the other conditions. With this, the customer should agree with the specific amount specified by the contract as well as with the given number of installments.

The part cash, part charge selling process is done usually if the amount of the merchandise requires a large amount of cash; such items are like cars, houses, lots and others.

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