Some Common Types of Nails

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Nail is one of the primary elements of construction, especially if you are going to build with wooden materials. In constructing a house for example, nails are use in order to connect woods with strength and durability.

Nail is the principal tool that joins the pieces of wood together. This is a piece of metal which one of its ends is pointed while the other end has a head. Carpenters usually use nails in constructing houses and different wooden materials or infrastructures.

Nails are made in various lengths; these materials are also made in various types, depending upon its use. There are different types of nails that are available, and they have their own specific uses. There are nails use for general purpose, some nails are made for roofing purpose, some are used for scaffolding, and some are for finishing. Some types of nails are; the common wire nail, the finishing nail, the scaffold nail and the roofing nail.

The common wire nail is considered as the most common type of nail and is made for general purpose. This is the nail that is most commonly use in general household repairs. This is very much common and can be considered as the most commonly used among the nails.

The finishingnail is specifically made for the surface in which the nail needs to be unseen or it should be more or almost invisible to look with. This is usually required whenever the surface needs finishing. The head of the finishing nail is usually smaller which make it almost invisible to see; it is also slender as compared to the common nail. This type of nail is commonly used in the furniture wherein the nail or the finishing nail needs to be hidden.

The scaffold nail is made with two heads. The second, also called as the outer head of this nail will allow the nail to be removed, in case the scaffold is to be removed.

The roofing nail is made with a bigger and flatter head when compared to the common wire nail. This nail has also a shorter length. The roofing nail is designed to be used in securing the metal roofing or the slate roofing into the wooden purlins. Because of its big head, the roofing nail provides a secure hold to the metal sheet. The bigger head of the nail will also prevent the nail from going through the metal sheet.

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