Who Will Give Rajbala Her Life Back- Congress or Ramdev?

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People think and say, some don’t think but say, but there are others who have nothing to say. Life is more of a dilemma when you are asked to say something. You would speak your heart out if it were left to you, but when you are asked to say that in person, then you would rather say something political, something illustrious, something rather that sounds good to the ears. Whatever it may be but it is most uncivilised when you talk something to hold your ground and back it up with preposterous arguments and alien logic.

Corruption is a problem but it cannot be more important than life. Life is precious. They broke the neck of a woman, who is now fighting for life. Even if she survives, doctors say she will be paralyzed neck below for life. Police say this was done with minimum force. MMS says this was inevitable. Corruption or no corruption, first its human life. If you can’t be a human first then there is no value for talking of values, egos, politics, communal-ism, corruption. Does anyone care? It is the end of the world for that family. What would have happened if a minister’s neck were broken? They would run amok and burn down the whole nation (You have history which has witnessed what happens when a leader is killed and the fallout there after.)

It was not a candle lit rally of the celebrities. It was not attended by lip-stick smeared, high heeled, ladies straight out of the beauty parlour. It was not a demonstration of the page-3 urban hobnobbers. It was neither one of the “bhadraloks” who argue with self proclaimed ceremoniousness about anything and everything over the evening tea. It was not of the women who get out of the houses to do social service just because they are bored and their impotent husbands couldn’t satiate them. It had no bollywood in it, where celebrities take off their black goggles when they appear before the camera. It was not of the political leaders who protest in the secure X+ environment with more body guards and policemen disguised in plain clothes than actual protesters. It was not by the ultra-precious babalog. It was not by leaders who in their forties claim to be youth leaders or octogenarians who have the only prop of experience to stand upon. It was not a rally of a person who is named Ramdev. It was not a demonstration of a group named RSS. It was not because she was not anyone among them. She is poor Rajbala. She was there because she felt that it was about corruption. She felt that corruption is a menace and something must be done about it and she was doing that something that she could do and that she felt to be important. Now she is somewhere where she could be nomore anywhere.

Government is a post of servitude. They are servants of the people. They are there to serve people like poor Rajbala. It is often said that the constitution empowers the people. It entitles the people to be the king. Some say that no one is above the constitution of India. Is that a fantastic notion that we are supposed to have? It is just like a precarious paradise that she knew was never there or she was moron enough to believe in it. Does the four lakh hundred crore or whatever value it is quoted give back the life she had? Does the Jan Lokpal Bill give her back her life? Does the government of India’s “it was inevitable notion” give back her life the way it was? Can Sonia, Rahul, MMS, Sibbal, Digvijay, Sushma, Advani, Jaitley, RSS, SRK, Salman, Ramdas, Devdas, Vedvyas and the enlightened media give her back that to her and her family? HELL NO.

They accuse politics, they accuse communalism, they accuse thugs, they accuse dhongi babas, they accuse idiot politicians like the ones mentioned above, rants, comments, accusations , cross accusations, saffron, green, “our party is the best”, corruption, black money, lok pal, hartal, bla bla bla .
No one can better her. No one can solace her family. One can treat it as a LOSS or just as a loss. Dear everyone imagine losing a life the very moment in your family when you decide to talk. Value life more than anything because it is the only thing that you cannot create once you destroy.


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