How to Improve on Your Marriage And Sex Life

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Did you know that you can improve your marriage and it can become better? Here are three things that you can do today to put romance into your marriage.

Give more appreciation

Every husband/wife needs to hear,” I appreciate the way you work hard to care for our kids. Thank you for helping my mother. And I appreciate the way you……”

If we receive no appreciation, we feel hurt.

Another man told me,” I get no thank from my wife even thou I don’t chase girls.” His wife replied, “Each day when he arrives home, he just says, “Bring dinner” I wish he would say,”You cook well, and you look nice.”

In every situation learn to praise your husband or wife. Give much appreciation, no matter how little you receive.   Always give appreciation even when you don’t feel like it. Giving appreciation and love is not easy. We must work on it and don’t relax.  Your selfish nature says, “You receive very little appreciation-so give very little.”

Don’t allow your selfish nature to rule. Give appreciation. If you show appreciation to your partner, he/she will improve. Criticism will never help him/her to improve. Appreciation will.

Do kind actions

The second way to improve your marriage is kind things: Here are the examples:


1} Tell your wife, “I love you,” and give a specific reason. Her face will brighten as you mention something about her that delights you.

2} Be careful how you speak to her when you speak to her when you are angry.

3} Bring her a gift.

4} When she do something kind thank her.


1} Welcome your husband in a good way when he comes home. Hug and kiss him.

2} Put on nice clothes.

Complain less

A good way to improve your marriage is to be careful to complain less. Say to yourself that you will say more positive comments and fewer negative ones. I will be more thankful. I will complain less.

Always say to yourself I will give you appreciation, do kind things, and complain less, even when my partner does none of that for me.


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