My First Experience With my Printer

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In this article I am going to clear all the doubt regarding the printer  installation of software and connecting the hardware to system. Firstly I shall tell you about the problems which I have encountered in installing the HP Laser Jet. problems lead get  more information regarding any device or  any software. Learn to overcome your fear is my motto.

Recently I brought a HP 1020 Laser Jet printer. As I am new to use a printer I was bit tensed in installing its software and connecting hardware properly. firstly I made up my mind to face any difficulty and then started to read the user manual point to point so that I may not commit any mistake.regarding installation of software and connecting the hardware.

I have encountered with two problems. one is of how to insert the toner into the HP Laser Jet 1020 model. And the other one is on how to integrate your new HP printer with your system. On observing your toner you can see an orange or a coloured strip on the leftside of toner. Just pull it off from the toner. The strip will be used as cover on the inner part of the toner. This strip will stop the ink on the cartridge to dry out. then keeping the strip part on the left direction and set in the slot available in the HP printer. This completes the hardware installation.

For installing the software insert the CD given along with the printer in to you drive. But do not connect the printer to system until and unless you are asked. then connect the hardware as and when it asks you regarding hardware. Then the whole installation procedure will be taken care of by the system. Finally the HP printer requests you whether you are interested or not. Say yes for it. Then you can see the printout coming from the printer. This printout indicates all the information regarding hardware details of you HP printer. You will get an information saying that you have correctly installed printer on your PC.

Enjoy your HP Laser jet 1020. Share with me your problem on Desktop Systems through Bukisa.


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