Drinking Won't Help Sadie

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Drinking won’t Help Sadie

An angry husbandAn angry husband

Sadie wasn’t a stupid person. She had graduated with honours, and pursued a very lucrative career as a lawyer. She’d married Geoff, the most handsome man in the world, and the brawniest. No wonder he was a fitness instructor. She had been attracted to his lean and strong body, and those incredibly blue eyes, which shone with sincerity. He seemed to admire her strength of character, it wasn’t everyone who could successfully defend a wronged prisoner, allowing a troubled woman to be re-united with her baby daughter. That had definitely been one of her triumphs, because what she did hate, was defending people she knew were guilty, and deserved to be punished, but it was all in a day’s work.

The children had completed their happiness

Sadie had taken time out to have Jamie and Lisa, their two beautiful children, now in senior school, and very independent. She pushed down the thought that it might be because she had not been around much, they had learned to be. Her earnings had insured they had a good lifestyle, Geoff had seemed happy initially, because he didn’t earn as much, but sadly, it had crept into their arguments at times, when it was necessary for him to stay home and look after the children.

Because of the sort of job she had, travelling and attending seminars was necessary, and this meant staying in hotels all over the country. Then there were the lunches out, the wining and dining, and that is how she discovered she liked a drink.

This is how her Drinking started

It had started of with a glass or two of wine, just enough to make her feel on top of the world and happy. It gave her confidence when meeting up with strangers. But gradually as her relationship with Geoff had deteriorated, it increased to a bottle a night., and then came the really strong stuff. After he had left her, the hardest thing of all was getting into the lonely bed at home, so if she was off her face, she didn’t feel anything at all.

Constant drinking had caused her to lose her kids, her job, and her figure. She was now a very rotund shape, her looks had gone, and she just sat at home reaching for just one more drink to ease her misery. At one time she had it all, but now she had nothing, and she was stuck so fast in to this rut of self pity, she had absolutely no idea of how to get out of it



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