Presentation Skills That Sell And Seal Deals

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Color and design of a set is most effective when clash is not noticeable during the making of a speech. We live in a visual time in society. Whether we like, adhere to it or not, looks is very important to the public. It is not “good looking” but appropriate and not distracting what I am talking about. If a presentation is going to be filmed for instance it is very important that strips or colors of a suit for example red or hot pink are not utilized. It not only can take away the focus of the message of a speaker due to the eye and brain being overwhelmed by the brightness, it will bleed, look blurry on film making for a wasteful or less professional “look” when burned to a DVD.

Color co-ordinate your wardrobe for the scenery of your platform to aid in drawing in the audience to your presentation. Know if your blue pinstriped suit and newly dyed red hair is going to mesh with a backdrop that may be deep purple. A good facilitator may ask you if you know what you are wearing, but do not depend on them questioning you of that because they are planning to design a stage that will go with your outfit. Ask instead before you make a decision of your wardrobe what the color of the backdrop or stage will be if you do not know.

Don’t take for granted that there is only one curtain. Many auditoriums and other stage platforms have more than one curtain color available. Work around the colors they have to offer.

Warm tones and dark colors are best for aiding in credibility when it comes to a meeting of executives. Be creative. There are colors of mauve, maroon and even purple that can work will for both men and women. When it comes to shoes however for men, a royal blue suit and royal blue shoes speak entertainment and or make a fashion statement however. Stick to black shoes with your suit.

Remember that color can make you look well or ill. If you are under the weather, take into consideration that green and yellow tones have a tendency to give a sickly tone to the skin for most skin-tone types normally.

If you are of a lighter tone, when stage lights are on you, it will only intensify the possibility of not looking dynamic. Accents of color is always more favorable and less distracting in front of a audience you are speaking; it is not necessary, but will stand out the use of color in your presentations. Try using aids that are versatile with the various outfits that you may use during speeches. Think about how drawn in you are during a special occasion or event such as going to a dinner where the napkins and utensils are color co-ordinated. Color can make or break a deal as well as help with making an event memorable.

A wise speaker, will use color to impact on the emotions of its audience. Significant use and detail should be taken when using video and other visual tools to co-ordinate with the message. For example, if a speech is being made on living a green life and forms are to be filled out, simply using paper for colors of green design or green ink or colored pens can help aid the seriousness of the speaker, message and or discussion.


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