Zuma Zuma Acrobats From East Africa

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Zuma is the name of Gwen Stefani’s son and according to sources online is a name from East Africa that is used for the word peace; by one definition.  Zuma Zuma is the name of an East African acrobat troupe direct from Kenya that has been introduced internationally on America’s Got Talent the week of June 8, 2011 during a taped audition in Seattle, Washington for season 10. The troupe consists of six petite men with strong physic and dynamic personalities dressed in native Kenyan garb; the oldest being 42 years of age.

Zuma Zuma’s performance is as infectious as their smiles that never seem to leave their faces whether they are effortlessly tumbling through loops, bending under fire or climbing each other to build sturdy towers in unique designs.  This troupe from Kenya has flown in just for the chance to be seen and be a candidate for the million-dollar American Idol grand prize.  For the round they were in they have a young group of all male dancers who have an appeal for those loving dancing to rap music.  So far they are competitors for the next level of slots when all winning round one continue their journey to Las Vegas to try and impress the three charges that include, Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan.

Some of the challenges that the troupe will have is being accepted by the young audience that follow shows like America’s Got Talent and American Idol.  There is a need to fill the interest of these publics with ongoing favoritism through being able to not only associate with the group as peers but to not find boredom in their presentation.  If Zuma Zuma can incorporate familiar music in their act, a wow factor in their coloring designs and manage to be fresh in their tricks and style, they have a good chance of going through to further rounds once they get to Las Vegas and if they are chosen to be part of the acts to continue.  Zuma Zuma’s spoken speaks English fluently and clearly so there does not seem to be a language barrier which is a plus for them when being interviewed and stating information about their history as artists which currently is not readily available online. The group by the reaction of the audience during their audition appears to be well received.  The audience cheered and stood up as the six members performed.   The weeks ahead will tell by the audience response whether Zuma Zuma is worth a chance at the million dollar grand prize and title of America’s Got Talent 2011 winner. For view the African professional acrobat troupe in action check out the following video:


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