Purwaceng Leaves To Boost Your Sexual Libido

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This plant is well known as a tonic. Not surprisingly, many people call this herbal as  ” the viagra ” which comes from Indonesian. 
In recent years, the popularity of purwaceng plants increased. These tiny plants known as a tonic to increase the passion and vitality of men. Actually, purwaceng has existed since the time of the Hindu kingdom. It is said that in ancient times only kings who consume as a beverage. 
However, the longer the plants that originally grew wild in Mount Boat and Mountain Pakujiwo in Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo, Central Java, more and more consumed by ordinary people. Now, purwaceng also has many cultivated. 
Although difficult to actually planted, purwaceng named latin Pimpirella pruatjan more and more searchable. At first glance, purwaceng not much different from the clump of plants that grow wild in the streets or empty gardens. 
Rare Plants 
These plants can not be underestimated because a large benefit. Although including the types of shrubs, plants belonging purwaceng is rare. Purwaceng also can grow well only in the Dieng Plateau, with an altitude of 2000 asl (above sea level). Purwaceng is quite “fussy” in choosing where to live. 
Even in the Dieng Plateau is a region of origin, not all places there can be cultivated purwaceng. In addition to surface elevation, land where he grew up also must contain certain elements, with specific humidity and weather as well. 
“In Kalimantan, and Gunung Slamet (Central Java), also there is a growing purwaceng, but the results are not as good as in Dieng,” said Saroji who has 18 years of cultivation in the Dieng purwaceng. 
If planted in Navan, employees in Arjuna Temple Complex, Dieng This presupposes, indeed fixed purwaceng grow, but the branches elongate and properties already much reduced. The aroma was different. 
In addition, purwaceng also just want to be planted by the people “cold-handed.” Many have failed to grow when the local government has called for cultivating this crop. 
Characteristic plants Purwaceng 
Purwaceng have a small leaf characteristics rather rounded and serrated at the edges. Purwaceng has one trunk with several branches of leaves that grow wide in the ground. 
Purwaceng lush leaf branch can have a diameter of 20 cm. When grown in the right place, leaves purwaceng thrives with rather large size. Purwaceng lush and nice also has roots that can reach 20 cm in length, and when harvested yellow roots. 
How to Plant Purwaceng 
Actually, how to grow it quite easily. Purwaceng propagated from seed. The ripe seeds will fall to the ground and grow on its own. Seed that falls itself is going to grow faster than the seed which is spread by human hands. 
The second way this can create new purwaceng grow four months after deployed. Once the seeds begin to grow, the plants should be moved to a larger ground, such as the backyard. 
Thus, the roots can grow to the maximum, even reaching 20 cm. Branch leaves will be more numerous and wide. The ideal soil for purwaceng, according Saroji, is land that lincit aka not too muddy. 
When grown in the right place, purwaceng not need too frequent watering. In the rainy season not even need watering, while during the dry season crop is pretty watered once every three days. 
Uniquely, purwaceng it should be allowed to grow naturally without fertilizer. Manure still be used to fertilize, but instead of chemical fertilizer will make it grow no maximum. 
Saroji claim to be directly affected by the drug purwaceng identify chemical plants. “If the taxable chemical drugs, when processed, its distinctive aroma scent and taste will be reduced,” said the man who sold the original Dieng purwaceng in dry form, powder, and packed in this bottle. 
After one-year-old, began to be harvested purwaceng. If you grew up good and fertile, moist purwaceng six plants can weigh up to 1 kg! 

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