Renting Orlando Condos To Make The Most Of Your Vacation

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Sometimes, renting out a whole house to stay in while you’re on vacation in Orlando can be too much of a hassle. But on the other extreme, booking a hotel to stay in can also become too expensive for your tastes. Luxuries that sometimes aren’t really necessary can quickly become too expensive for that dream holiday that you have. But renting Orlando vacation condos can be the best of both worlds, combining the privacies of home with the amenities found in the best hotels.

What you can expect from condos

Built into high-rise style buildings, rental condominium units offer hotel-level luxuries with the standard pricing of the best rental houses. As well as this, they have excellent views owing to their high-rise nature.

As well as this, you can also have peace of mind knowing that the neighboring rooms won’t disturb you, since some condo units offer you the use of the whole floor, so that you don’t have to worry about teenagers on spring break creating a ruckus. And condo units offer a mix of privacy in between private houses for rent and luxury hotels. Condo facilities are only shared by you and a few others also renting units, so no apprehensions about overcrowded pools ruining the relaxing experience you were looking for in the first place.

Going in and out of the condo units

One of the good things about condos is that they always seem to be situated somewhere nice. Just go downstairs from your room, and tourist attractions will be just a few minutes away from your location. Whether it’s Disney or Universal that you came to see, depending on your location, it will in most likelihood be just a few minutes from either, so you can stop fretting about long travel distances. A few minutes is all it takes of your time, and if you want to go somewhere else, there’s always a cab available at the condo entrance to make sure you get there quickly.

Security and safety of the locations

You don’t have to worry about break-ins and the security of your stuff being left behind at the condo. Since these condominium units are also managed professionally, you can feel safe knowing that they have 24/7 security at the compound that monitors the entire building. And access by maids to the rooms is limited only to the cleaning days so unauthorized access is prevented for sure. You can be at ease leaving your valuables inside the building, and if you really want to keep things safe, you can deposit them at the front desk or with the hotel manager so that they can store it in a safety deposit box in the premises.

Pricing and payment

Of course, there’s always the time to cough up the payment for the condos, so you can probably start expecting a higher price for all the standard luxuries, correct? Well that’s where expectations can be higher than actual costs. Hotels can start at $60 for a single or double room.

But with condos, since there is enough room for a whole family and multiple bedrooms, something even the best hotels can’t match and something at par with rental houses, the average price of $130-$150 per night, with rates lowering if you pre-book for a longer stay.

Renting Orlando vacation condos can make good sense if you’re traveling with your family and want to stay in a private building.


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