Business Cards – A Superb Promotional Tool For Success

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Around for a very long time, the Business Card remains a powerful and key marketing tool. While they serve a wide range of purposes, the business card exist mainly to promote you and your company. An effective business card can be your greatest promotional tool and will help you and your company succeed. To ensure you get the most out of a card, here are a few guidelines and tips you can follow and implement when purchasing your next set of business cards.

The paper that is used for printing your business card is important. There are a couple of things to avoid. One is using inferior paper that can easily be torn or damaged. Having a card that lasts a long time will increase your chances with a potential customer. Also avoid using glossy of laminated cards because this prevents people from writing on the card. Business cards are a very interpersonal marketing tool. You hand them to customers or clients as a part of a conversation. Sometimes information about that conversation will need to be recorded. When this happens, being able to jot down specific details on the card becomes very beneficial.

The type or design of your business card should be clear and precise. A business card that is organized and easy to read will make a good impression and attract more customers. Your contact information should be easily identifiable, whether it be a phone number or email. One way to ensure this is to pick the right kind of font. Using different font colors is a good idea that will make the card standout, but be careful. Do not use bright colors that are hard to read. This will have the opposite effect and most likely get your card ignored.

While the front of your card will have you contact information, you should not forget about the back. The back of the card is a good way to differentiate yourself and your company from others. You can used the back to advertise discounts, special products or services that you sell, directions to your company or many other useful ways that can potentially attract new customers.

Another way to stand out from the crowd is to list your accomplishments or awards you or your company have been given. A business card is a perfect chance for you to portray yourself and your business as the best option. However, if making a list, keep the items short to about one or three. And list the most relevant points/items, as they will help you the most in winning over new clients. 

Above all, your business card should be organized, easy to read and helpful. This combination should give you the best chance of making a positive and lasting impression on your customers.


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