Wedding Preparations: Ideas For Your Wedding Theme And Invitation

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Wedding Theme

Your interest as a couple should be the first consideration since it is a celebration of your lifelong relationship.  There is no better theme than something that is close to your heart.  A beach-themed wedding is  a good choice if you are both close to nature.  Alternative choices  are glamorous movie premiere, a Victorian theme, garden wedding.

The tone of the event should be specified in the invitation according to the theme you have chosen.  Would you  like a formal wedding, laid back and casual, or a combination of both?  Consider the type of guests you have and the type of the wedding theme.

Consider the season when choosing your theme. Obviously,  an outdoor wedding theme such as garden and beach wedding themes are not a good idea during rainy or winter season. 

A major consideration when choosing your theme is the budget.  Certain wedding themes can be costly compared to a low-budgeted wedding.  Weddings can be a blissful one without the lavish, a simple and creative wedding is still possible with proper preparations.   

With the specific picture of the wedding theme, you will be able to plan well the specfic details of the wedding based from the theme.

Wedding Invitation

After deciding for your wedding theme and the final list of entourage, preparation for the wedding invitation comes next.  Make sure that all sponsors and entourage are already confirmed for the wedding before including their names on the list.  Decide on the type of invitation  and the vendor who will do it.  If you have time and creative, you can do your own invitation to cut cost and include your personal touch to it.  The type of card stock, aesthetics, and formality of the invitation speaks of your own style and what type of wedding you want to  have.  Here are some ideas to start with:

Classic or contemporary?  These two can be combined with the perfect balance by choosing the card stock texture with a contemporary sleek design.  The use of fabric flowers can replace the embossed or engraved floral print in the card stock.   

DIY Invitation.  Create custom design by using different material, a woodframe can replace the usual cardstock, think of materials that are not associated with invitations before.  Think out of the box and use imagination.  Come up ideas based from your wedding theme.  Other ideas are storybook  invites, comic cartoon design invitation. If you both love to travel, a passport inspired invitation will be a good idea.

Go Digital.  Aside from the invitation, a teaser invitation can be sent to your guests. devices.  A music video or flash presentation will do if you commissioned a professional to do it and send it digitally through e-mail, mobile devices or how about uploading it to YouTube?.  Another option is to have a simple website dedicated for the wedding, couples with relatives abroad and with large number of expected guests can access the wedding details through the internet.  Wedding pictures can easily be shared on the website after the wedding.

Send out invitations one month before the wedding date, but informal invitation can also be done beforehand for relatives and close friends attending the wedding.  Consider the guests coming from out of the country, atleast inform them four  months before the wedding date.  

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