4Ward Promotions Ltd…taking on New Ventures, Despite Widespread Job Losses And Sales Growth Slowdowns.

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Manchester, United Kingdom, 24th March 2011 – In a recent news article The Royal Mail announced that nearly 1 700 jobs will go, and it will have to close 2 mail centres in London. Around 1 000 managerial posts will go in this latest round of job cuts. Royal Mail has said about half of the 64 centres in 2010, could close by 2016 or sooner. Royal Mail has been hit by a fall in demand as a growing amount of people use the e-mail to communicate. Across the UK, the average number of items of mail posted daily has fallen by 16 million compared with five years ago. As a result, in the last 9 years, the company has reduced  head count by 65,000.

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Under the able management of Ms Ward, 4ward Promotions Ltd focuses on the key concept and winning strategy centred on customer service and satisfaction. As a specialist marketing and promotions company, we take product placement and development, logistics and distribution widespread throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Our company understands core client requirements, and will continually maintain targets.

In another recent article, Sainsbury’s shares fell more than 5 percent yesterday after a worse than expected ‘sales growth slowdown’. The country’s third largest supermarket chain said “some instore sales growth including VAT, but excluding fuel was one percent in the ten weeks to the middle of this month – down on market predictions of about two percent. 

Justin King, the retailer’s chief executive, said that Sainsbury’s is outperforming the market. However he warned: “We expect the consumer environment to remain tough, with our customers facing fuel price inflation, uncertain employment prospects and government spending cuts.” Clive Black, a retail analyst at Shore Capital, said that the figures are worrying. He said that the like-for-like sales rise of 1pc, excluding fuel, suggests that the actual volume of goods sold fell by between 2 and 3pc once inflation is taken into account Sainsbury’s blamed a customer spending squeeze caused by Job cuts, and increasing bills.  

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4ward Promotions understands that unlike other companies, to be consistently be a leader in any Industry. One has to be flexible and meet ever changing marketing needs. We are constantly applying new and innovative marketing strategies, and other ‘below the line’ promotion techniques, to have a stronger and clearer business presence.

At 4ward Promotions we have adapted our approach, and do not always follow the book ruler. This risky, and yet rewarding system has allowed for greater client acquisition. Since the Company’s inception, in Nottingham;2009, and recent expansion into Manchester. The Company has come a long way & has made a huge impact within the Marketing Industry.


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