Technology Gain Makes The Society a Chat Room

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     As days passes on, people were becoming more and more technology savvy, and the society is moving towards becoming a chat room. People were engaged too much in multi-tasking in their daily life, and were switching among SMSes, emails and tweets. These are now not a luxurious things, instead they were becoming a lifestyle, especially in the high middle class, and rich class people. SMSes and emails were becoming popular as more and more people were oriented towards these technical tools.

Way for good communication

SMSes and emails are essential for most people as they use internet everything from online business to chat with friends, and family members. For many these were becoming an integral part of their daily life.

  • These would help us to communicate more both in verbally and written, and are changing the way we communicate.

  • More importantly, they are contributing a lot for the modernization of our society.

  • They were becoming tools to unite people, and are leading towards developing a common language across the world.

  • These were becoming main sources of information.

  • These technical tools help people at the time of emergencies to contact them immediately.

  • They are comfortable and easy for communication over a long distance.

  • These are cost-effective when compare to other ways of communication.

     People are spending more time connected to a keyboard whiles using computers, laptops, and mobiles. Trend is more among youngsters as they are becoming more technology savvy. Youngsters, especially in urban areas, spend more than seven to eight hours per day on entertainment media including TV, computer, and mobiles. Moreover, actual spending time is little more as they often using more than one medium at any one time. As a result, it may go beyond ten to eleven hours a day. The trend is affecting negatively on the human relationship as their face to face contact is less. Many a time’s users may feel isolation as they were engaged with machines instead of human beings.

Negative effects on health

     Up course, in the present modern world, technology savvy is becoming a life style, and may be a part of the daily life. But, its usage is taking a toll on people’s health.

  • Generation of microwave radiation during usage may causes serious health disorders both mentally as well as physically for users.

  • Too much usage of these technical gadgets could take a toll on users’ mental health.

  • These could damage users’ mind by bombarding them with too much information when they work with multiple resources.

  • These can weaken users’ ability to screen out irrelevant data.

  • In the long term, users’ may lose their ability in prioritizing what is important.

  • It may encourage the possibility of technology addiction, especially among teenage people.

  • Especially in older age, multi-tasking could hamper short term memory performance.

  • As experts feel, multi-takers among students often performed worse in their test papers.

  • According to psychologists multi-takers could be easily distracted by irrelevant information.

  • In the long term, it may affects negatively on users’ professional life. 


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