Swimming Your Way to a Healthier Leaner Meaner Sexier Body

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Swimming has been around for centuries. Man has cultivated swimming into a more refined sport which acts as a great way to lose fat, build muscle and increase cardiovascular fitness. But the real question is why does swimming help burn fat?

Swimming is a sport that targets a wide range of body parts and muscle groups. Swimmers tend to have a lower body fat percentage than non swimmers because swimming uses a wide range of muscles to maintain balance and propulsion through the water. The most intensive strokes are the butterfly stroke and freestyle. These require a fair bit of upper body strength, but they are the most cardio intensive workouts which end up burning more energy and calories. 

When deciding to swim, it is always best to start slow. If you are not particularly sporty, try doing 50m lengths of a mixed variety of strokes. Breast stroke and butterfly tend to build the upper body muscles focusing on the chest and biceps. Freestyle focuses more on the biceps and abdominal muscles while backstroke obviously focuses on the back muscles as well as the stomach muscles. Taking it slow allows you to slowly build up muscle in the desired area which will then allow you to push yourself further.

When swimming to lose weight or increase fitness, it is always best to try interval training. This is where you go easy, followed by a sudden burst oh energy expenditure. A good ratio would be 2:1, where for example you do 2 laps of slow freestyle followed by 1 lap of sprinting. Not only does this allow you to build muscle faster, but it also allows you to warm up vital muscle groups and conserve energy for when it is most needed. You know your workout is going good when you start to feel a burn in certain muscle groups.

Swimming is known to be one of the most intensive cardiovascular workouts that burn a whole heap of fat and create lean trim boddies. 

Just remember always warm up properly before hoping into the pool so that you prevent yourself getting all sore or potentially injuring yourself.


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