Effective Fitness Strategy

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There are always questions and rising confusion on what is the best way to get fit. Some want to indulge in steroids or just try everything they can without regulation. Through years of trial and error and constant application of new exercises, a few things are constant. There are a couple of factors and great supplementation to add to into diets to get the most out of work outs. With adequate research and development, the following best express a powerful workout plan to integrate into our lives to turn that flab to abs! 1. Metabolism – First and foremost one has to establish their metabolism. Nothing gets accomplished without this crucial step. Most of weight-loss comes from a speedy metabolism that has high calorie outputs so those calories get burned through out the day rather than get stored as fat. The best way to get that metabolism started is to invest in a thermogenesis activator. It increases one’s body temperature and calories are used to bring the temperature back down to normal levels, thus extra calorie usage. These products also include caffeine and B vitamins to further enhance the calorie burning. A great way to increase the metabolism is also to take B vitamins along with the thermogenesis supplement. B vitamins naturally enhance the metabolism to produce higher calorie outputs. The most common B vitamin is B12 but all essentially do the same. 2. Hydration/Diet – After you have set up a fast metabolism, the next thing to make sure ones does is that one stays hydrated! With the beginning of exercise water is very important to the body and drinking cold water can even burn extra calories. This happens because cold water makes one’s body temperature drop a bit but just enough where the body burns calories to warm up the water (once in the stomach) back up to body temperature. Eight to twelve glasses of water is ideal for training. Along with intake, a diet must be established as well. The best thing to do is to not claim that one is on a diet but rather just make smart decisions and choices through the day if the whole diet concept is hard to abide by. Try avoiding foods with high levels of carbs, sugars and “bad” fats. Go with whole grain, protein-rich, and “good” fats. Examples of great choices are: avocados, almonds, tuna, oatmeal, skim milk, whole grain cereals, and protein shakes. Sometimes one might not get all essential vitamins and minerals that are needed on a daily basis so a multivitamin every morning should compensate nicely. 3. Weight Training – For effective results one should weight train at four to six times a week. Sometimes its impossible to hit the gym that many times so as long as one can make it four times and occasionally make it six times would be a more ideal real world situation. The best form of training is to build muscles that are up top, work your way down and tone mid-section muscles. This concept makes the body shape to its famous ‘V’ shape that every man would like to have. To elaborate, weight train the shoulders, trapezoids, upper back and upper chest muscles the most. Then, tone the chest, lower chest, lats and of course the abs. As for legs as long as one squats and hits the leg machines they’ll be fine. Leg muscles are extremely strong and grow fast. When building muscles and trying to become lean, its best to do sprints for cardio rather than endurance cardio. Thirty second bursts and one minutes walks are best. No muscles is sacrificed and fat is still burned. 4. Creatine/N.O. – The best muscle building supplements which actually work and are worth training with are creatine and N.O. The best type of creatine is one that does not have water retention. it allows the benefits of creatine without carrying extra water in the body. what creatine does is it increases the muscles ability to absorb nutrients (water, oxygen, protein) while working out for fast recovery, higher endurance, and more intense workouts. N.O. is excellent as well. Nitric Oxide increases blood flow. The muscles are able to be filled with nutrient-rich blood which creates greater ‘pumps’ and endurance while training. Ultimately, the combination of increasing blood flow and muscle absorption creates the greatest muscle building plan! 5. Pre-And Post Workout Preparation – Sometimes it can be hard to always feels pumped up and ready to go to the gym and lift weights. Its hard to constantly have high intensity levels especially when one is trying to do it everyday. Pre-work out powders can help quiet nicely. Reach high intensity levels and ready to do work with focus and energy. This is done by an ATP augmenter. ATP is the energy used by the muscles to do work produced by the cells. The greater the output, the greater the amount of ATP the muscles can use. This type of powder is suggested to be taken on an empty stomach thirty minutes before working out so its ideal to take a protein powder during training to have the building blocks to build as one is lifting. After working out another dose of protein is recommended as a post workout shake immediately after working out to be absorbed by the muscles; the greatest absorption rate of muscles is immediately after a work out. Hopefully you have found this site helpful as starting blocks to a new fitness lifestyle. Feedback is greatly appreciated, feel free to leave comments. Always remember that fitness is always achievable no matter what current stage one is at right now. The amount of determination is also the amount of results one will see. Best of wishes in your pursuement for a better body, mentality, and life.


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