The Three Women of Summer 2011

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As the weather gets humid and hot, Summer 2011 fashions get cool and light. I will describe three must-haves for three different styles. These styles include the Feminine Elegance, the Arty Fashionista, and the Casual Homebody-Girl. Bright colors in clothes and accessories continue for summer fashions, but each woman coordinates her look in her own individualistic style.

  The Feminine Elegance woman loves ruffles and floral, but she still likes classic styles. She would wear a navy-colored wide-leg linen pants, a lemon-yellow delicate-fabric blouse with ruffles, lemon-yellow ballet flats, and red purse with a long chain strap. She might also add a red chain-link necklace and bracelet. Her hair is long, but simple, one-length, and polished. It looks like a very long bob. She can also wear a neutral pencil skirt, a short trench coat with cropped sleeves from last season, and a camisole with bright-colored floral design.  Add high-heel shoes with wide straps, wide belt, long red earrings, and the same red purse. She can also wear skinny jeans, the lemon-yellow delicate-fabric blouse with ruffles, lemon-yellow narrow belt, neutral-colored double-breasted blazer in linen fabric, and red flats with a pretty bow. Another outfit would consist of the cropped trench coat jacket and the lemon-yellow narrow belt over a bright pink empire-waist dress. Add the chain-link bracelet and necklace as well as the neutral lace-up high-heel shoes. The must-have pieces for her summer wardrobe include the double-breasted blazer in a linen fabric and neutral color, red flat shoes with a pretty bow, and an empire-waist dress in a bright pink.

  The Arty Fashionista woman loves everything about fashion, and she will tend to buy everything and anything, which includes prints, bold colors, metallic colors, ruffles, and trendy pieces. She tends to be a shopaholic because she just can’t stop spending. She always has a reason or finds a need to buy something that catches her eye. Her three must-have pieces for this summer consist of a bright pink short but flirty skirt, black and white print blouse, and metallic flat shoes with a cutout design. She adds last season’s tote bag as well as some bright pink bangles and rings.

  The Casual Homebody-Girl mostly hangs out in the house, whether cleaning, cooking, watching her favorite television shows, reading, and keeping busy with her hobbies. If she does go shopping, she prefers to buy merchandise for her home. She therefore gets her fashion inspiration from the type of furniture and other merchandise for her home decoration. Whether vintage furniture from garage sales and thrift stores, modern minimalism from IKEA, or fancy and luxurious designs and styles that is inspired from France, Italy and Spain, she needs to find fashionable clothes at particular places that best match her interior design style. A vintage style woman tends to be a hoarder. She loves antiques as well as anything that looks outdated. But she will modernize vintage clothes to fit the current fashion trends. She turns a vintage dress or skirt into a mini dress or skirt, but this dress or skirt might have a delicate floral design or any other delicate print. She will add a narrow belt in a bold color as well as open-toe shoes. The modern minimalist IKEA shopper will tend to dress in clothes that are monotone colors, but she will add bright color accessories. Leggings or skinny jeans in navy blue or white, worn with a blouse of the same color as the pants, are also worn with a bright pink narrow belt, stilettos in bright pink, and a messenger bag in lemon-yellow color. She might also add a light blazer in a bright color, over the outfit, making sure to coordinate the navy blue with the bright pink and the yellow colors in the outfit. For the homebody girl who loves European-inspired furniture, she tends to have a very expensive and fancy taste. She tends to shop at designer boutiques, such as Versace, Cavalli, Chanel, Gaultier, and Louis Vuitton, seeking haute couture pieces. Fabric and quality are very important to her as well as fancy styles, fine texture, and bold prints. Bold colors of pattern clothes and satin ribbons as well as silk, linen, and velvet fabrics in fuchsia decorate her haute couture style that make her stand out from the Feminine Elegance and Arty Fashionista women. Her three must-haves are similar to the other styles, but better quality fabric and material.

  Furthermore, the accent color to wear for summer is a purple shade, whether plum or fuchsia. Paint your eyelids in a metallic color, whether copper, gold, silver or black color, lips in plum or wine color, and blush or bronzer in a light brown color for a natural tan face. Add some accessories in plum and fuchsia, whether high-heel shoes, a clutch with a long strap, or a double-link belt. Twisted-cord necklace and thin bangles can be added to any of these styles.


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