In Relationships, Shift Happens

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The world is changing tremendously as we go through The Great Shift, and many of us will notice relationship changes. We have relationships with a variety of beings: parents, children, pets, co-workers, friends, neighbors, the list goes on. This article will address the changes relationships are going through during this time. The principles discussed can be applied to all relationships.

If your relationship is a bit strained, it may be that all you need is to reconnect as a couple and get back into vibrational harmony. Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks have created great resources that can help you, as a couple, to create a conscious relationship. These techniques are wonderful if both in the relationship are willing to work together. You may also find the teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks to be very helpful. Some might find that their relationship is coming to an end during this Shift, causing many couples to separate for the good of everyone involved.

If you are the one feeling it’s time to move on, your partner may ask you what they did wrong or what they can do to improve the situation. It may be difficult to explain, because in many cases there is no specific issue, it’s just that you are no longer in harmonic resonance. In order to move through the transition as gracefully as possible, take the high road, speak and act with compassion, stay strong and do what your heart knows you have to do. Decide to be happy, focus on the good parts of your relationship, and believe that your time together will prove to be of value to both of you. As Abraham says, never walk out of a relationship feeling angry, guilty, or defensive and then what comes next will not be a replay of what you just left.

If your partner is the one asking to end the relationship, it may be helpful for you to explore The Work by Byron Katie. Suffering is always caused when we are believing our own stressful thoughts. Understandably, this can be very painful and confusing at first. But sometimes, seeing the situation from a higher perspective, in a totally new light, is all one needs to turn things around. If you do the work, you will begin to see the beauty and freedom in the scenario. Your Higher Self knows what you planned to do in this lifetime, yet that may not be apparent to you at this point. Thanks to the Shift, you are now being released from a situation that prevented you from achieving your goals. You are now free to be, do and have what was not previously possible. Eventually you will look back and realize that the ending of a relationship was the best thing that could have ever happened. It caused you to reach for your higher calling and become the person you were meant to be.

As the Shift continues to evolve, keep in mind that we are all in this together. Beings are gradually waking up and making the changes they need in order to move into the brighter world that is yet to come. Whatever state your relationship is in, remember it’s all okay and even if it’s not okay, it’s still okay.


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