Cheryl is Blaming Simon, But Why?

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I have not been impressed in the past to see Simon Cowell drop his latest ” stars” when they stop reaching number one with their current single. The list is long; GARETH GATES, MICHELE MCMANUS, STEVE BROOKSTEIN, LEON JACKSON, JOE MCELDERY but to name a few. There have been others whose names escape me, so brief was their career, that I cannot even remember them, but I felt for them all when their hopes and dreams of a lasting career, vanished as quickly as they arrived.

This is Simon

X FactorX Factor

SIMON COWELL is a business man, so he can only support an artist for as long as the public want them. He needs to move on to whatever and whoever the public currently support. How ruthless that is, and in the case of GARETH GATES, because I am a fan, I was sad for him when he lost his recording contract with BMG and SIMON, especially as he still had many fans and supporters even if he wasn’t at number one every time.

But Gareth Gates was different

Gareth GatesGareth Gates

Out of the singers I have mentioned, the others have vanished from the public eye right now, but I am proud to see how GARETH has blossomed into a very talented MUSICAL THEATRE STAR. He has grabbed every opportunity offered to him, showing us his skills in DANCING ON ICE as well, then onto MUSICAL THEATRE, appearing first as JOSEPH, IN JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAM COAT, and then as MARIUS, in , LES MISERABLES, firstly in the 25TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR, and then in the QUEENS THEATRE version. He has also starred in 2 pantos, and done numerous charity performances. He has proved that he can make it without the backing of SIMON COWELL, and the offers continue to flood in.

Along came Cheryl Cole

Cheryl with Simon CowellCheryl with Simon Cowell

CHERYL COLE was part of a girl band, she didn’t have a powerful or exceptional voice, but she is very pretty, so it was inevitable that she would be a hit with the public. SIMON chose her to be a judge on X Factor, he made her a star, and with the backing of such a powerful man, she was truly a very lucky person.

He was so proud of his protegee that he wanted to give her the chance to break America, so he backed her all the way to be a judge on the American X Factor. This TV coverage would make the American public aware of her, and give her a chance to launch her solo career. What an opportunity! CHERYL had been singled out as a special person, but from then onwards it was up to CHERYL to sell herself.

But CHERYL did not appeal to the American public. They didn’t like her hair style, her dress sense, and worst of all, they couldn’t understand her accent. She had previously been given the opportunity to have elocution lessons, but CHERYLl didn’t want to do that, people had to accept her as she was.

But sadly she didn’t click with them, and after she was axed from the show, she flew home full of self pity, and anger towards SIMON, never for one moment thinking that she needed to take any of the blame. And unlike his other artistes from the past, this time SIMON did not desert her, he offered her a slot on the UK X Factor. But CHERYL was having none of it, after all ,hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She has refused to be on the show, and won’t take any calls from SIMON.

Now is the time for CHERYL to prove she can still make it without SIMON. She has had enough exposure to ensure that everyone knows her, She has chosen to bite the hand that feeds her, as she feels he has done her wrong. Well CHERYL, prove you have strength of character, the world is still turning. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. You still have many loyal fans, so you owe it, not only to yourself, but to them


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