Solving "my Page Always Loading" Problem

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A common problem on the Internet. Each one of us faces similar problem one time or the other. I also faced a similar scenario. I was working on 2-3 sites on WordPress and whenever I edited a page or changed some setting, the page never completed its task. More often than not, I had to reboot my PC. Strangely enough, even this did not offer a lasting solution. Soon, the same problem repeated itself and I had to loop.
People offer varied solutions, some work some not. Though the problem is directly related to the Internet, it is not always at fault. Everything that joins the party: PCs, networking hardware, cables, connectors, ISPs and their internal & external problems, all matter. But saying this does not solve the issue, one has to carefully look around to get to the root.
Armed with electronics background, I knew fault finding. But here it was no single machine, a gamut of networked collage of machines. Obviously pinpointing any single object was beyond me so I started gathering information by exchanging notes.

How did I Start?

I followed the leads on Google but got little on my case. I was using two different themes: Flexsqueeze and Thesis and both had similar problems I could not blame either.
Each one had similar Plugins and I could not blame either. I was hosting at Hostgator, a reputed host and I ruled it out. The list shrinked a bit still I had no clues.
My next hop was on various forums benefiting Thesis users. On one such forum I posted a thread “WordPress based sites not refreshing”. This forum specialized in helping & educating Thesis users and had an excellent collection of solutions. The forum moderator did offer some input, but my problem stayed.
Some Hope at Last!
I was saddened as no apparent solution worked. Suddenly I had an idea. I asked my friends who used WordPress and used the same host. Surprisingly, none had any problems similar to me. I decided to test their claims and asked to modify my site’s contents. Within a few minutes all work was done and though it settled their claims, I was aghast.
One thought struck me and I narrated my problem at Hostgator’s forum. I titled it as “I don’t know whom to speak to” and instantly I got the reply, and I knew I found the culprit.
The Culprit
While I was at it, I already had checked all my cables, associated routers et al. Everything was spick and span, no leaks whatsoever. My ISP used their laptop at my place and I was amazed at the page updation speed. Obviously, my PC was lacking somewhere and made me pay for none of my faults.
Real Fault-finding
Earlier I said something about fault-finding. But as the findings indicated, I had to concentrate on my PC, something within my reach and should be easy. But, what is there to find fault at? A working PC means everything is fine and there are zero components to focus on. Motherboards, hard disk, internal wiring, keyboard … all are mass manufactured items … what do I do now?
The Question provides the Answer
When you have nothing to look at, you are left with just one area: software. I knew now, Windows was the culprit. Once I got it, I searched around and soon zeroed on the “%temp%” folder. Windows had amassed a myriad of unwanted files. I promptly deleted all and my net experience improved: the pages loaded a bit fast, updated better. Nothing dramatic and I knew I had to look further.
Some Soul-searching
Windows is very notorious and I was aware how badly it can work. I did some serious thinking and remembered that recently 2-3 programs like Snagit mysteriously stopped working. I made a list of all changes I did within the last 3-4 months and tried to zero in.
Voila, I zeroed in on very precisely. I had added my old drive to restore old data. Though the data transfer was spot on, Windows somehow did not approve the connections and changed my drive-letters. The “D” drive was renamed “F”, “E” went to “J” and so on. I had a tough time bringing their names back. Though the operation went smoothly, I believe Windows fumed and worked with big huff & puff.
Problem Solved
I installed a new hard disk and restored my backed-up data. Lo and behold, I joined the happy community once again.


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