An Unemployed Man And a Shrink

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The other day I found myself sitting in a train next to an unemployed man and a shrink. Both of the people were middle aged African American citizens. I was on my way to work and suddenly found myself listening in on the conversation of these two people. 

Initially, there was just silence accompanied by some slightly annoying cracking of the joints. The unemployed man decided that he had a sudden need to crack every joint in his body despite the fact that he was sitting inside a crowded train. The lady who was sitting next to me and across from him became strangely interested the his joint cracking activity and decided that it was time to make conversation. Ten minutes into the joint cracking activity, the unemployed man and the lady next to me were having a weird conversation about joint cracking. The woman proceeded to inquire about the particular reasons behind the joint cracking hobby and the man revealed that he used to be a dancer and an athlete. The man confessed that joint cracking gave him an orgasmic feeling and that he just could not stop cracking until he has had enough. He also mentioned that he is a retired athlete because one day while lifting weights in cold weather he broke a bone.

Later in the conversation, the man explained that he was unemployed and looking for a job. He mentioned that he was just trying to survive. The woman on the other hand already had a job. She said she was a social worker counseling troubled couples. She said that she does not just want to survive. She said she wants to live. Honestly, I do not see how anyone can really live on a salary of a social worker. These people hardly make enough money to make ends meet. If you really want to enjoy your life, you must be making a good amount of money. Very few things are free these days.

Finally, as we were approaching our final stop, the man mentioned that while he was thirty five years old, he was dating a nineteen year old girl. He said that she really has her head straight and that she blows his mind. I am not quite sure what he meant, but it did sound a bit funny. The woman angrily replied that she believed she had psychic abilities and that she could tell that this relationship was going nowhere. She said the woman was too young for him and that she should find someone his own age. The man started to argue that she may be wrong and ended up chasing the social worker all the way down to the street. The woman confessed during our fun ride that she was divorced and had a daughter. She said that she believed in the law of attraction and that God would help her find her proper counterpart. I guess the woman had attracted an unemployed man who was in desperate need of counseling. So much for the law of attraction. It is too bad that even this man is unavailable. Otherwise, the social worker would have jumped on this wonderful opportunity of a lifetime. As a result of this incident I will never see shrinks or social workers the same way. Now I know better than to bring my man with me to counseling. The psychiatrist might just steal my man.


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