LG Revolution (Verizon Wireless)

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Revolution is a strong word, but the revolution LG offers something that does not work the competition. The $ 249 device is the first phone with Android installed Netflix application, so subscribers to watch movies and TV shows to their hearts content on the screen has this huge, bright 4.3-inch device. And thanks to 4G LTE, Smooth Streaming enjoy in the Verizon Wireless network without a built in HDMI output is another good advantage. However, some may be due to the fact that Bing, the default search service are provided. But as the batteries from the Revolution to another Super Phone 4G Verizon as Ray of the burden of HTC and Samsung Droid?Solid and simple, decorated the revolution of LG is a large black panel with chrome accents on the sides and a strip of silver mirror on the back with three logos: LG, Verizon, LTE and 4G. The front is four menu buttons below the display capacity of 4.3 inches with a strip of polished metal beneath. Sharp edges and soft-touch easy grip revolutionary new, but the overall picture is a kind of plane next to Ray in two shades of gray (which has a nice crutch) and load-edged Droid.
Weighing 6.1 ounces and 5 x 2.6 x 0.52 inches, LG revolution is lighter and thinner than the Lightning (6.2 oz, 0.56 cm thick), but is one ounce heavier than the more elegant office (5 ounces, 0.46 inches thick.) revolution pocket a little overwhelmed when he left.The right side and left side of the house revolution microUSB port and an HDMI connection, in each case both ports are hidden behind the door. These lines enter your own are to open and close but annoying. to facilitate two volume buttons also in a straight line. A small power button, but easy to find and headphone jack sit on top.Like all Verizon phones 4G and today, the Revolution a 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. However, the revolution of the brightest of the LG Group. If you load the same web pages in the three devices, the 4.3-inch panel of the revolution in the last Droid AMOLED and was won something brighter than the screen of the Lightning. LCD of the revolution was also easier to read in direct sunlight. But the burden of delivery with better contrast and more vivid when we hear the trailer for “X-Men: First Class on YouTube in high quality.
Do not be fooled by the small band of speakers on the back of the Revolution of LG.With Dolby Mobile, Smartphone produces loud and clear – no distortion. Although he had set the volume to maximum for best results, Harvey Danger “Flagpole Sitta” and “radioactive” by Kings of Leon, the two had a rich and deep. Audio was loud even through the headphones Low Prices. You can touch the sound and Dolby to videos, the greater surround sound effect, as if we have a clip from Iron Man to play two plays allowed.
The LG Revolution keyboard is nice and large, what a very fast and accurate typing. We say mostly because the keyboard has a mind of its own. Words AutoComplete was hyperactive want to write something else. For example, when I typed “Gmail”, wanted the revolution to introduce the “demand”. And do not write bad words. The same happens when pecked “Yeah.” The choice of the Revolution of default is “hip”. Yes, you can choose the word that means the type of a list on the keyboard, it should not. We recommend using the keypad or pre-installed or by downloading a keyboard alternative as the best keyboard Android Market (which lets you draw lines between points to speed up writing).
The revolution is the last thing from a pure experience with Google Android. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. LG has made several adjustments to the interface standard Android. Slide lock the screen unlocks the revolution, but the drawing of a “single,” What is the new menu displays notifications such as missed calls and messages and calendar entries. They are also on Facebook and Twitter messages on LG find applications for these services. For example, if the revolution had told us a friend request, I start the LG Facebook and accept the request. Displeased, the new video What is to stay with us be vigilant, even after his death, to leave for an appointment.
The revolution is coming home with seven screens that can be customized, and it seems that LG has taken a shine HTC Sense. Just opposite is a large clock that shows the time. Take advantage of the Revolution launches an application in full screen mode, but without the smooth animations. We want social networking widget that you can between Facebook and Twitter updates switch tags, and the flash media that will allow direct access to the gallery of photos or music.
LG also has the on-screen applications so that applications are categorized as amended. Home Communication contacts, Gmail and Google Talk, News and Research includes Bing, browser and news. Other categories include downloads, media and tools and applications can move from one category to another, and renaming categories or create new ones. Interestingly, there is a category of applications that is a bit generic, and can not be deleted.
To search the internet on this phone, you really like Bing, the default search engine and mapping service. You can always download Google Maps, but the search button on this phone belongs to Bing. Bing application is well designed, pressed with a search box, voice and top buttons and a search, local pictures, maps, movies and news. For most, this service satisfactory results. In addition, Bing has a good job with the universal search, you press the search button until you hunt applications, find contacts fill.
The bad news is that the revolution does not provide external support Google’s voice you press and hold the button to send a full-text search, navigate to an address that can play a song and much more. Press the button and browse to speak only the Web. You can use the Google Voice Search can be attributed separately to do all the things high on the search button.

 One of the main selling points for the revolution, is that LG is the first Android phone in the U.S., which comes with a preloaded application is Netflix. This allows subscribers to Netflix movies and TV shows to play for EUR 7.99 per month. The selection of content is not very useful, but it is easy to see to find interesting things. We enjoyed the movie streaming to Disney, as well as episodes of Arrested Development and Parks and Recreation. After the first few seconds of pixelation, the video looked smooth and detailed information on the 4G network of Verizon. You can even to a TV near Netflix, if you have a mini-HDMI cable, but the quality suffered.


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