Htc Thunderbolt

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The radius is the first HTC smartphone with 4G 4G is not in the name. Do you know why? Since the speed of speaking for themselves. As the first phone from Verizon 4G LTE this handset promises crazy-fast downloads (5 to 12 Mbps) and uploads (2-5 Mbit / s). We are pleased with the kind of performance that allows Internet connections at home look even talk prison. Better yet, can the quality of broadband in this phone share with up to eight devices, including laptops. With its 1-GHz processor, large 4.3-inch screen and two cameras, the Lightning is a bit like the EVO 4G, but it costs $ 50 more, 249 $. So, how much faster this phone in the real world, and how long can this high speed before he can enjoy on a way out?
Although the screen is the same size as the EVO 4G all black, the Lightning has a rain coat, a more modern look. The front of the phone is black with a gray stripe around the top, while the rear has a two-tone gray (the battery compartment is dark with a nice soft-touch surface.) If you always get a grip on metal, but this time it is hidden , is also wider, with the engraving “Google.” HTC properly put to the sword counties have the buttons below the capacitive screen and added a section angle below the belt a little style. In general, looks set to design and beautiful appearance.
In addition, the Lightning is still larger than the EVO-4G and heavy (6.2 ounces vs. 6) and is slightly thicker (0.56 inch 0.5 inch disadvantages). In comparison, the iPhone 4 Verizon weight only 4.8 ounces. The Lightning also needed something that EVO has: HDMI port, you can not stream video and other content on your TV. The phone has DLNA support for wireless transmission.
The rest of the construction is fairly simple. A power switch and headphone jack sit on top of the Internet cover, right side houses volume control and the micro-USB port on the left. The right side has a limited volume. Around the back of an 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and the front is has a 1.3 MP camera for video chat (although Skype video calls come later).
The flash does not cover the sceen in the department pushed to stick with the same resolution of 800 x 480 on the 4.3-inch EVO 4G. However, we have determined that the image is sharp and clear and easy to read outdoors on a sunny day.
We are impressed with the audio quality of Ray. If you heard The Kooks on Pandora, the rear speakers offer a lot of punch assembly, a kitchen with a volume of three-quarters filled. And with integrated stand, which could easily skip tracks without having to pick up the device.
Running Android 2.2 use the software Lightning HTC Sense. Users of seven screens Custom home and get the stream widgets HTC friend keep an eye on your Facebook and Twitter friends. As with all phones Android HTC, means that the software, you can see all the startup screens with a wave of problems. Sense, it surfaces social network right information in the Contacts application, including the last day of a person on facebook.
A Customize button at the bottom right of the screen from multiple images and gadgets, but also scenes, which adds substantially songs from his cell phone and identification kits can choose for Sprint. social selection, for example, put a current friend widget front and center for the rapid publication of updates, while the work of your next appointment on the first screen, and your e-mail only a blow to the left.
These specifications should sound familiar: 1 GHz processor and 768 MB RAM Snapdragon. Are the same components that it is within the Inspire EVO 4G and 4G, but at least for Verizon Wireless with more memory. You get 8 GB internal memory and a whopping 32 GB SD card, so you should save enough room for high definition video, photos, music and applications. (Also, remember that the card is located behind the battery hold down.)
If we issued a number of benchmarks and performance meet tied with the same equipment Inspire 4G. In the CPU of the reference test, for example, the Lightning 2103rd This is slightly lower than the 4G Inspire 2230, but the dual core 4G library Atrix power of these two phones (2369). In reference to inspire An3DBench graph, the Lightning notches 6290, to 6280 compared to 6305 and Atrix.


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