Samsung Galaxy 4G

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As part of its aggressive plans 4G, T-Mobile, a version of 4G phones Samsung launched popular p. Unfortunately 4G Galaxy Galaxy S ($ 200 with a two-year contract from T-Mobile, the price of 1/3/1911) does not on the specifications of the new generation of mobile water galaxy S Mobile World Congress II, meaning that there are some small improvements between the Galaxy and the S Samsung 4G dynamically, so that the T-Mobile.
S 4G Galaxy retains the light, but plasticky feel the hand of the other phones have Galaxy. It is a bit different than other phones Galaxy black, because it is a battery compartment with a silver metallic sheen as is. As for the buttons, you get back the default Start menu and search for touch. The power switch hardware on the right hand is slightly more pronounced than that of the dynamics. Measuring 4.82 by 2.54 by 0.39 inches and weighs 4.16 ounces is about the same size as dynamic.
As with other S Galaxy cell phones now, the 4G is a 4-inch AMOLED-Super. Super AMOLED technology that Samsung positioned at the Mobile World Congress introduced last year as part of the Samsung, touch sensors on the same screen, rather than a separate layer (the old Samsung AMOLED displays). This allows for a slim phone colors and brilliant detail. It is unfortunate, however, that the S 4G Galaxy sport is not the new AMOLED technology Super Plus, which started at the Samsung 4G brew at CES this year. Super AMOLED, the next generation of super AMOLED produces rich colors and good visibility inside and out. Subpixel has a 50 percent higher outside the clarity and readability, according to Samsung.
As with other phones galaxy, the galaxy at 3.0 Samsung TouchWiz user interface for Android. Fortunately, ships 2.2 S 4G Galaxy Android. I’d be a gingerbread-(2,3) phone have preferred that. If the Samsung Nexus S can have, why not the S 4G Galaxy?
Like HTC and its range of meaning, Samsung has its own aggregator of social media.Online Hub sequences combines your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and the accounts in a single view. Is a useful feature if you need an easy way to monitor their networks.Chance Mini journaling, you can blog posts with photos, weather, SMS, and more to create. The first time I tried the Mini S European Journal of the galaxy, I could not find a way to get my tickets before the camera. Samsung has remained with me to my first post, thank God, and confirmed that in fact send the tickets (even if only with photos) on social networks or to friends via SMS. After creating a want, press the Menu button in the lower left corner and offers multimedia messaging and publishing options. If you send in, you send your article on Facebook or MySpace.
TouchWiz is generally a fun and interesting take on Android, but not for everyone because it is so large that the result does not look or feel like an Android phone. We also found that the skin sometimes interferes with the speed of the galaxy S 4G.
The music player TouchWiz touchscreen is nice and easy to navigate. It shows the album cover very well, even with a user interface of iTunes Cover Flow style. The sound is clean on my own headphones and decent work through external speakers.
One of the most fascinating features of the phone, buy the Samsung S Galaxy media hub that accompany all new Galaxy models p. media hub the answer to Samsung’s iTunes Store music and video. Certainly not as substantial as iTunes, but you can find most of the largest and most popular film music.
4G Galaxy is also responsible for the start time of the entire movie (the magnificent on the screen and play without problem was), T-Mobile video with double twist AirSync, Slacker for Android and Kindle chat.
In my hands on tests, the 5-megapixel camera takes pretty well inside and out, until it is night. It is interesting, since the first Samsung 4G Galaxy play the SS Galaxy has no flash. For a phone with a great genius, bang, it’s sad that a camera flash off, the final draft.
My photos taken in the air a little on the dark side, but generally quite sharp and clear.Photographed seemed outdoors on a sunny day much better: the colors looked vivid, but the details were vivid and natural.
The high-definition camcorder can shoot up to 720 videos that shot pretty well in the test video, looked outside. S 4G Galaxy also a VGA front camera for video conferencing.
S 4G Galaxy is powered by humming a Cortex A8 GHz than other phones Galaxy.Interestingly, less memory built to vibrate with 512 MB of RAM compared to 1024 MB.4G Galaxy S-video smoothly, and gave several applications for the. I realized a little late, but during the move and navigate the menus. This could be a problem with TouchWiz swamp Android, we’ve noticed on other phones Samsung TouchWiz.
According to T-Mobile S 4G Galaxy capable of download speeds of 21 Mbps theoretical maximum with HSPA + offer “4G” is Network. Theory is the key word here. In San Francisco our speed was not even close, but rapid, depending on where we were.Ookla aid application approved by the FCC, we have an average of 2.6 Mbps download and 0.36 Mbps upload speed in the area of ​​South Park in San Francisco. In another area, where the signal is stronger 4G, we have an average of 6,5 and 1,7.
load quickly in a real scenario, the pages when I could be a signal. I had the full HTML site several times to try because 4G Galaxy S switches between EDGE and 4G. When I finally got a full load of 4G, I have about 18 seconds on average of 17 seconds and a mobile version of took 4 seconds.
Call quality on the network was very good. They had no dropped calls (a problem that seems to power struggle) and the voice sounded very clear. Caller at the other end of the line are of the quality of the audio had been seduced and could well be heard.
CES 2011 has made a number of 4G mobile dual-core processors, HTC, Motorola, LG and Samsung, even their own. And in the Mobile World Congress this year we saw the Samsung S Galaxy II, which offers a hummingbird dual-core processor and the new Samsung Super Plus AMOLED display technology. S 4G Galaxy is a great phone, but unlike the 4G-ment, it feels like last year, super cell phones. This is not a bad thing, but for those of us who want the latest and best phones faster, the 4G Galaxy S can not overlap.


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