Why Should You Travel Across Finland Before You Die…

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Its capital Helsinki was developed in 1819 when it was handed over to famous German sculpture Carl Angel Ludwig.Ludwig’s imagination turned into reality and whole place was decorated with wonderful artifacts, buildings and sculptures. Whole city is a bunch of 315 islands connected with bridges. Here roads are bending according to valleys and ferries are the main mode of traffic. That’s why it’s totally a sea city. 2 months of winter turns the whole place dark because sun can’t be seen here for this period. There is no difference between day and night here. Crowds of people from different parts of world gather here to see the magnificent view of northern lights.

Santa Clause’s Home

Another fact about this place is that Lapland in the northern region of Finland is known as Santa’s home. Santa’s office is situated here and you believe it or not but its continuously running here over 400 years. This place receives letter from all over the world and old Santas in red clothes do reply to each one of them. Its true that you can’t see Santa riding on a chariot of reindeers but reindeers can still be found hopping here and there on its icy land. If you go there in winters you could see 24 hours night and enjoy the northern light and if your plan suits you best in summers then you’d enjoy the brightness of 24 hours daylight.

Laboratory of Sculpting.

Helsinki is truly a lab of Sculpting art. You can take the example of a Railway Station here. It has roof and main gate made of Copper. There are 4 statues holding Flame in their hands, and also there’s a 160 feet clock house. There’s a Steven hall in Helsinki which attracts a lot of people. A statue of famous singer Jean Sibliz will explain why no other people can compete with finish art work.

Wood Houses

Reserve of wood houses was made here in 1909 on a land area of 15 hectares. If you need more then the best site is Provo. Houses of 13th – 14th century are still safe here. Provo was also the birth place of Finland’s national Poet Roonberg. Roonberg and his son Walter’s belongings are here for presentation and are displayed by people of Porvo.

1st May is a Finnish festival celebrated as the upcoming of spring. Summers last till September then harvest season and finally winters.


Its based on sea that’s why different kinds of dishes made of thousands of fishes are available here. Soups, salad and Jam are fondly accepted by people here. From autumn berries start filling people’s mouth. In June strawberries, blackberries and cloudberries in summers, Lingo berries in September. Beans, peas, cucumber, tomato and potatoes are available in enormous amount. Other than fishes non vegetarian people also prefer reindeer here. For desert ice-cream and sauces made of Berries are available.

Important to note:

So if you have made a plan to go and visit Finland you need to know a few points-

1)      Almost all flights from Europe can take you Finland.

2)      Hotels in Helsinki may cost 120 $ to 250 $ per day.

3)      To roam all over city prefer cycles, they are available only in 2 Euros.

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