A Day in Melbourne (Story)

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A day in Melbourne.

The day was a windy and cold miserable Sunday in Melbourne, Geoff was walking to the train station to travel to saint Kilda.

He was cowering under any cover he could find to avoid the rain. He walked down an alleyway and the clouds got darker and darker causing Melbourne to become a very dark place.

Geoff was walking when all the sudden, a gang wearing black masks circled him, spitting and making strange noises, whispering to each other. Geoff instantly screamed and sprinted through the middle of them, but they were to powerful and pushed him back to his knees.

‘What do you want!?’ Demanded Geoff, they didn’t reply, the gang closed the distance between themselves and Geoff kicking and punching Geoff unconscious, covering his head and carried him into a van at the end of the alleyway.

Hours later Geoff woke up with an excruciating headache and a white bright light in his eyes.

He peered around the room and just saw blackness with his fuzzy vision, shady figures standing all around him.

A muffled voice growled: ‘Are you Geoff Sanderson!?’ Geoff could barely respond and was instantly punched in the stomach, ‘Are you Geoff Sanderson!?’ wheezing, he replied with ‘yes, what do u want with me, why am I here?!’

‘We have been tracking you down for a long time, Geoff I believe something you have belongs to us!’

‘What?.. What are you talking about, what do you want with me!?’

‘Your father, James Sanderson died on the 27th of March two months ago, didn’t he?’ Said the muffled voice.

‘How do you know about that my father died of cancer, how did you know about my father’s death, WHO ARE YOU!?’

‘Lies, all lies your father died in Iraq on a mission…’ Geoff cut in, ‘My father was a butcher! What are you on about?’  ‘Your father, was a spy.’ Gasping for air Geoff had so many things going through his mind, ‘what the hell is happening!? Who are these people?’

The muffled voice continued, ‘your father died in Iraq in possession of something very important to us, and we want it back…’

To be continued…..

Conor Delaney


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