Angry Birds App Review

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Angry Birds has sat atop the iTunes chart for the past 3 or 4 months but this means nothing unless it is actually a good game.
Well let me say this here, Angry Birds is one of the best games you will ever buy not only because it is a great game and not only because it’s a steal at 0.59p, but because the developers are truly committed to the game.
Since I purchased it (back in october 09) there have been 3 updates and an extra 45 or so levels with a new feature to find bonus eggs to unlock extra levels.

But thats enough praise for the developers lets talk about the actual game play.

The controls are very simple, you use your finger to pull back the catapult and let go to let the catapult fling. You also use your finger to control the Birds special actions, which are as follows;

Basic red bird: No special feature 
Blue bird: Tap the screen and the Bird spits into 3 
Yellow bird: Tap the screen and the Bird speeds into a dive 
Black Bird: Delayed explosion after hitting an object or tap the screen to manually explode 
White bird: Drops an egg which explodes. 

The basic premise is to attack the green pigs by flinging your various Birds at their structures which contain materials such as;

Wood: easy to destroy
Glass: harder to destroy, takes all momentum out of the Birds but worth more points for destroying, 
Stone: hard to destroy but falling stone can be used as a weapon against the pigs too. 

The pigs range in difficulty with some being bigger and some wearing helmets etc. It makes for a balanced game with much variation.

At the end of each level you get a star rating out of 3 based on how many Birds you use and structure you destroy which adds to the replay value. Believe me when I say that it will drive you insane trying to 3 star every level and finding the hidden golden eggs, in a good way mind you.

I had finished the game but since last months update I have an extra 15 levels still to do! And for a 0.59p investment I think that’s amazing!

(Also if you own an Android device then the full version is FREE!)

If you’re in any doubt there is a free version which has the first 10 levels so you can try it risk free!



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