Do You Know A Hoarder?

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1.  Compulsiveness

Some people are just compulsive.  There is no doubt about it.  They may purchase items compulsively because they think that one day they might need it.   They save and store these items thinking,” I may need it eventually, then I will already be prepared knowing that I already have it.”

2.  Sentimental Value

Some may keep their items because of sentimental value.  Possibly their daughter or relative gave them the item.   They just refuse to get rid of it, so they keep it.  

3.  Big Picture

A hoarder may not see the big picture, and before he/she knows it, they have become overwhelmed with all this “stuff”  that they feel they need.  I say feel, because they are very emotional about it.  I have observed that hoarders can be very emotional people. They actually have feelings regarding all their “stuff.“ Possibly you are married to one, or you have a relative or friend  that is one.  

4.  Help

Would you like to help someone that you know is a hoarder?  I am sure that would be great, but sometimes people cannot be helped unless they want the help.   Hoarding can be like an addiction or disease.  The hoarder has collected so many things for so long and let it build up with no place to really put it.  Eventually that large house or apartment is overflowing with “stuff.”   I compare it to a disease, because the hoarder may just feel stuck like there is no help  available because it has progressed for so long.   The hoarder does not realize there is help if they really want it.   The hoarder may have to realize that it cannot be done alone.   Just as a sick person asks for help, the hoarder may need to ask for help from others, if not a possible intervention may be needed by family members.

5. Motivation

Once the hoarder has asked for help and has disposed of the many unneeded items through yard sales, house sales, or just throwing away items, then the  hoarder can move on.   The hoarder can learn from others how to not get back in that same state again.  Hopefully, the clean and uncluttered house will be motivation for the hoarder to keep it that way.  To be able to see a beautiful home with less clutter may be the motivation to help the hoarder continue with the new lifestyle.    It will take discipline and awareness on the part of the hoarder and hopefully those around the hoarder will help motivate and support the hoarder in their new found lifestyle.


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